Tips to Improve Your Health & Wellness

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Health and wellness are paramount. If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Health is everything but we’ve been slightly detoured on what health actually means. Health doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny. It also doesn’t mean taking prescription medications to help mitigate or minimize a health condition or illness. Health is the natural state in which our bodies are functioning at their optimum with little or no medical intervention. Health = normally functioning body and mind. Wellness is a sort of all-encompassing term that includes overall health: body, mind, & spirit. Wellness is a sense of well-being and conscientious lifestyle. So how can you improve your health & wellness today?

Eat Whole Foods

Where you can, eliminate processed, junk, sugary, prepared foods – as much as possible. Obviously you don’t need to eliminate it all (as this would be quite a feat) but much of the stuff you find in the middle isles of the grocery store. Yea, those things can definitely be minimized or eliminated entirely. First, find a great whole foods cookbook so that you can easily meal plan and eat tasty foods during and after your diet transition. Secondly, shop at your local store in the vegetable (fresh foods section) and around the outside of the grocery store isles. Whole foods provide far more nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals than any processed foods you’ll ever find on the store shelves. This new way of living (because this is a lifestyle change) will leave you feeling like a whole new person and may even cure many of the health issues you are experiencing.

Drink Plenty of Water

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We can talk about this all day long. Water is the essence of life. Water = life. The more you drink, the better (reasonable amounts of course). Water will flush all kinds of nasties out of your system, leaving your skin, eyes, nails, hair, organs, energy and everything else singing all day long. Water can alleviate many things like headaches, hunger pings, energy levels, sleep issues, and much more! Want to talk about beauty? Watch your eyes clear up, skin brighten, nails harden, hair repair, and so much more by simply upping your water intake. Even better, cut out alcohol, sugary drinks and caffeine from your diet. You’ll see big changes then.


This is not a trendy thing nor a fad. Meditation is simply the practice of quieting the mind. When doing so you are allowing yourself time to see things through your minds-eye. Kind of like hearing words without speaking, ideas without thinking, answers without asking. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know can be answered during your daily meditations as you get better at it. For a great tutorial on mediation check out these simple steps:

Sit in a quiet, dimly lit room and play some mediation music (easy to find online – loads to choose from). Place a lit candle in front of you on a table or shelf and use this as a focal point during your meditation. Sit in comfortable clothes with your legs crossed under you and sit up straight – with good posture. Let your arms down and rest them on your thighs/knees/legs. Breathe in and out deeply. Repeat this multiple times while focusing on areas around your body which are tense or in blocked-up. Focus on that area while you breathe in for 5-7 seconds, then breathe out for 5-7 seconds. Notice your heart rate slowing down and imagine stress and unpleasant thoughts leaving your body & mind with every exhale. Listen to the music and find its harmonic rhythm. Breathe in time with it and try to clear your mind of all thoughts. If you find yourself loosing concentration (because believe it or not it takes concentration not to think!) look at the candle and clear your mind once again. Focus on its brilliant flame dancing before you, close your eyes. Breathe out all the worry, pain, anxiety, hurt, insecurity and unhappiness with every breath. Repeat this until your feel content.


Get outside and shovel the driveway, go for a walk, take up snow shoeing or just hit the gym. Exercise will elevate your mood and help bring some happiness into your life again! It’s a known fact that physical activities can make us feel happy and more relaxed so get movin’! Take a relaxing bath and don’t forget to use Revitalizing Body Wash by Up&Up to relax, hydrate and cleanse your body head to toe! Get it today at Target! You should also make sure to have a really good facial cleansing routine in place for the change of seasons. Equate Beauty Am Refreshing Facial Cleanser will not only scrub down into your pores, but it will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Get it on for only $3.47.

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