Tips For Throwing the Best Backyard Party!

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Perhaps you’ve decided to throw the end-of-year party for your grade. Or maybe you’re hosting the Grad party for your entire grade. Whatever the reason might be, we have some awesome ideas for throwing a memorable backyard party that all your friends and family will enjoy. We don’t know about you but we LOVE spending time in the backyard with delicious foods, cold drinks, great music and good company. This is also a great way to share some special memories with your friends before embarking on your journey to adult hood. Here are some perfect ways to set a party-savvy atmosphere while ensuring that your guests are enjoying themselves! Let’s get started with some backyard party must-haves.


Music creates emotions and moods within people that cannot be explained. Set some playlists with upbeat tunes to turn your get-together into a party worth remembering. Make sure the songs are not tasteless or vulgar. You want to keep the vibes happy and kosher (at least until high school!) Generally people love to let loose and relax at a backyard party, so pick tunes that will encourage positive vibes and get people moving their feet! Depending on the crowd, consider the genre of music you are going to play. Consider having a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone so it’s a simple ‘click n’ play’ with zero effort until you want to tone things down near the end of the evening. Never skip the music component at a party – it is integral to any get together!

Drink Station

Again, depending on the crowd you are entertaining consider serving up some homemade lemonade, cold water and iced tea along with a place for people to cool off their own beverages. Usually guests bring their own alcohol (depending on your age) but offer up non-alcoholic beverages for all the guests, parents or family members who need a cold – non-alcoholic – refreshment. Making some lemonade and iced tea is a cheap and easy way to provide your guests with some options to excite their taste buds. Check out the super easy recipe below. Use an old wagon to fill with ice so people can keep their drinks cool and enjoyable through the heat.

Homemade Lemonade

  • 4 cups sugar
  • 2 dozen lemons
  • Water
  • Ice

To Make it:

Combine 6 cups water with the 4 cups of sugar in a saucepan, heat over medium until the sugar dissolves. Set syrup aside and let cool. Next, juice all the lemons into a pitcher. Pour lemon juice through a fine strainer to remove any pulp. Squish the pulp in strainer to extract all the juices left in the pulp. Pour the juice extract into your service jug. Then pour about ¾ of syrup into the jug and set remaining syrup aside.  Fill the jug with ice, pour in 8 cups of cold water and stir the mixture until it’s well combined. Taste the mixture and add remaining syrup to taste. If it becomes too sugary, add some more water to dilute the lemonade. Continue to experiment with the taste until you are satisfied. Enjoy!

Shaded Seating Areas

Have you ever been so hot that you cannot get comfortable – and want to go home!? Always have a few large umbrellas on the lawn where people can spread out and catch a break. With larger crowds, people want places go to when they want to mingle around with others. Or just relax and enjoy the party. You do not want to have over heated, sunburnt guests withering away in the summer sun while attending your party. Make sure people are well covered and comfortable so they can truly enjoy their time at your place. A few lawn chairs and tables situated around the property can provide options for every guest at your house.

Delicious Summer Food

BBQ anyone?? Burgers and dogs are a summer staple. Sometimes guests will bring a dish to contribute – pot luck style – or you serve up the meal for everyone (whatever you’ve decided before hand). Either way, aim for refreshing foods which pair well with burgers. We’re talkin’ about potato salad, macaroni salad, grilled peaches, grilled pineapple, garden salads, fresh cut vegetables and a main meat dish. Obviously this menu can change up to keep some variety, but generally you can feed a lot of people for a reasonable amount of money. Guests also enjoy bringing one of their favorite dishes to share with everyone and show off their culinary skills. Buy fruits and vegetables in season and starches to fill people up, if you are budget conscious. If you truly enjoy hosting and financing these events, go crazy with your menu and experiment with the grill!

Cute Outfit

It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, opt for a light maxi dress or maxi skirt and light summer top. Colors and patterns are amazing at this time of year because there are so many beautiful options out there! Try to find something that’s comfortable, tasteful, breathable and seasonally appropriate. Sometimes a pretty summer dress suits the occasion but because you may be busy throughout the day, you may prefer to keep things functional and comfortable.

Skin care

Try to keep your make up to a minimum. Last thing you need is to be blotting foundation off your face as the sweat runs down – not fun! Keep up with your skin care routine because it really allows you to feel more confident in your own skin and more confident wearing less make up. Try Beauty 360 Illuminating Facial Cleanser, available for $6.99 on Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion is perfect for maintaining healthy skin and will stay all day long. Get it at Walmart for $3.98. You can probably get away with a light foundation, waterproof eyeliner, mascara and tinted lip gloss. It’s a really quick and easy routine for the summertime, and we love that!

Maintaining healthy skin is so important since most of us would love to be spending our time outdoors rather than in bathroom! Oh don’t forget your evening make up remover – Equate Wipe Away The Day Cleansing Balm for $5.44 on, as we’ve said before WE LOVE this stuff!

There you have it, the must-haves of a wonderful backyard party! The company you keep really makes these events enjoyable and memorable. Take advantage of the time you have and spend it with people you love. Happy summer!