Tips for Teen Skin Care

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This is the age where hormones and a host of other factors influence skin health. During adolescence we usually encounter some of the most challenging skin battles of our lifetime – and we all know it. With some simple tips, you can help manage and mitigate average skin issues without requiring major dermatologist intervention. After all it may only be caused – or made worse – by external factors that they can change. Empower young ones to take control of their lives and skin with these simple tips.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Whenever and wherever possible, don’t touch your face. Make a habit of avoiding touching your skin without properly washing your hands. After all, germs can easily transfer to your skin with the simple touch of a single finger. With all the stuff these young ones touch every day, they can avoid many skin issues simply by avoiding contact with their face. If you find this difficult, make sure to wash your hands consistently and often with Member’s Mark Soft Hands Moisturizing Hand Soap with Aloe Vera, available at Sams Club. Another big contributor to poor skin hygiene is dirty cell phones. Avoid placing your cell phone close to your face and use a hands-free set instead. This not only prevents unnecessary radiation from the phone, but also allows your skin to avoid built up dirt, bacteria, and oil from getting on your skin. Give your phone an antibacterial wipe down at least once every few days to help keep those pesky germs at bay.


Eat Clean

Trust us, we understand that when you get your first job you want to eat all the foods your parents never let you eat and buy that XL poutine at the school cafeteria. Here’s the secret…that food is contributing to your skin health. Everything you consume gets transferred throughout your body, including your skin. Making a point to eat better foods and bringing your lunch will help you not only maintain a healthy body but also healthy skin. Try looking up some simple clean eating lunch recipes online and spend your money wisely instead.

Have a Rock-Solid Skin Care Routine


A proper skin care routine is essential for skin care of all ages! Starting at a young age can help instill healthy skin care that will last a lifetime. Start by removing all makeup, dirt and oil. Get a good, deep cleaning cleanser like Walgreens Deep Cleansing Charcoal Wash which helps clear out dirt and oil deep in pores. Get it on for only $5.49 today. Follow up your cleansing with a toner to help condition and close pores like this one by Studio35Beauty: Witch Hazel Toner/ Cleanser from Finally, use a quality moisturizer that is formulated for your skin type that is non-oily and hypoallergenic. You want to maintain this skin care routine for a few seasons until the weather changes to winter. Then a winter skin care routine can be applied. This skin care routine should be followed twice daily for best results and remember to discontinue use of any products that may leave your skin irritated, red, or itchy.


We hope this helps you improve your skin health and starts a healthy habit of skin awareness and care from an early age. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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