Survive Camping With Young Kids

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So you and your husband decided that it would be a great learning experience/ opportunity for the kids if you all went camping as a big, happy family. Well most of that statement is correct. A few things you’ll need to keep in mind and surely you’ll have a wonderful time in nature, giving yourselves a good reset from the hustle and bustle of life. Coming home from camping was always eye-opening because you realized how incredibly lucky you were to have the common amenities we have today. If nothing else, this experience will stick with your kids for a lifetime.


A young child has needs that will have to be met. Don’t plan for long hikes, crazy portaging expeditions or even mile long walks to your campground. Keep things simple, especially if this is your first camping trip with your little one. Realize a few things before you set off on your journey:

  • Little ones get hungry faster
  • Little ones get tired faster
  • Little ones get scared easier
  • Little ones get cold/hot faster
  • Little ones need a little extra

So be sure to pack accordingly and always check in on your little one to make sure they are getting exactly what they need to make this trip enjoyable for everyone.

Camp Site

Choose a camp site that is not too far from civilization. You’ll be toting some extra stuff so getting a car site (meaning a site where you drive right up to it) might be the right choice. Keeping extra bedding, food, comforts of home close by is reassuring to everyone – especially your child. Camping is already strange with the new sounds, darkness, and lifestyle so don’t make it too hard on them at first. Some campsites may even come equipped with a power outlet so comfort can’t really get any more like home.

Camping Accommodations

If you are traveling with a child 5 years and older, camping in a tent is entirely possible. You’ve said good bye to diapers, bottles, extra binkies and all the rest. They will be able to camp more independently especially with their family than lets’ say a 3 year old. As a parent you know your child and it’s up to you to determine whether they can handle a tent, cabin, or trailer for your family trip. Plan accordingly and talk to your child to keep them informed about the changes that come with camping.


Bring all their usual products like Kids Detangler Spray from (especially if you’re going in a lake or pool), Parent’s Choice Calming Lavender Night Time Baby Lotion (can be used on older kids too) from for $1.99 and Equate Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo Strawberry!

These will surely leave your little ones feeling like they’re not far from home and delight in their delicious scents! Don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray and bug bite relief! With a comprehensive packing list your family will surely enjoy their little piece of nature!

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