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As you age your skin starts to show signs of aging while leaving maps of every laugh, cry, smile, and squint. Rather than seeing these as a bad thing we should really just aim to age gracefully. To us that means embracing who you are, what you look like and maybe taking a few extra steps to really care for your aging skin, preventing further aging from occurring before its time is due. Premature aging doesn’t just mean aging before you should, it also means developing wrinkles prematurely due to poor skin care habits, over exposure to chemicals or sunlight as well as a host of other things. These extra ‘love’ wrinkles can wait a little longer than they planned with some well thought out skin-care-action-plan!

Assess Your Skin – Hydrate

How is your skin doing? Does it appear to be hydrated – meaning no dryness or excess skin cells? Is your skin kept well moisturized where you don’t really need to apply extra facial products? If your skin appears to be well hydrated then give yourself a high five! If it’s looking a little dry or flaky you may need to up the moisture big time. Your skin is essentially a reflection of your inner health. Whatever is going on the inside will be showing itself on the outside. Be sure to drink extra water every day until you notice an improvement as well as exfoliating with a facial brush to help remove dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. Using a fantastic moisturizing lotion is imperative! Equate Beauty Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion on ($3.98 on rollback from $12.87) will help enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Dark Spots

These can appear at any age but tend to appear more as we age. They can be caused by a host of things but the important part to remember is that they can also be minimized if they bother you. Dark spots on skin are usually the result of an over production of melanin (skin pigment). It’s not fully understood why they develop but aging and UV exposure are leading causes. Grab Equate Beauty Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector from for only $12.84 to help minimize the appearance of them as well as blemishes. Other than superficially covering them up, there is not much you can do to prevent them from appearing without some surgical intervention.

Anti-Aging Body Care

Don’t forget about your regular dry brushing and exfoliating! Just because it’s not shown to the public doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your whole body! Try products that are geared towards mature skin like up&up Revitalizing Body Wash on for $5.19 which will help your skin retain moisture. It is a gentle cleanser so you don’t have to worry about damaging skin and it can be used daily.

Eat Well

This means whole foods. Try to eliminate foods that are processed and full of sugar. This does nothing for your health or your skin. You also want to reduce caffeine and alcohol to a few per week and swap them out for tea instead. Check out the benefits of Green Tea on our website! Eating your rainbow of foods is not a joke. If you are serious about aging well and maintaining a healthy body we suggest doing some research on how to cook with vegetables and fruits and then incorporate your own spin on the meals. This way to are increasing your good foods and reducing the ones that will age you a lot faster!

Aging doesn’t mean that you can’t look fantastic even with wrinkles. What aging means is that you are simply entering a different phase of your life where you need to take some extra care with things that may be changing on you faster than you anticipated. Stay fabulous Savvy Beauties!

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