Spring Skin Care Routine

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Finally the spring is here! The long winter’s hold is coming to an end and a glimpse of the beautiful spring has arrived. Warmer weather, returning birds, sunshine, brown grass (soon to be green!) and the smell in the air. We all feel it and can’t possibly wait another moment to kiss winter goodbye! Spring comes with greatness in itself like rebirth, fresh starts, and beauty. With changing seasons comes changing needs for skin and body care. Our bodies can sense the spring and start to get feverish about getting outside and moving again! Weather changes also call for a new skin care routine to help keep your skin protected, healthy, and hydrated during the spring season.

Spring Skin Care Routine

Every morning and night you should be diligently caring for your skin. As most know, the night time is when our skin undergoes major regeneration and repair so having clean skin is a must! Leaving makeup, dirt, or oil on your face overnight can lead to many skin issues likes chronic acne, blemishes, break outs, blackheads and other skin conditions. Letting the skin breath is essential for our health and wellness. Not to mention your makeup will wear better and your skin will glow brighter because of it too!

Step 1: Remove makeup and Cleanse

This should be a no-brainer. Many women make a habit of removing makeup every day and that is great! Even if you run out of makeup remover, coconut oil or olive oil will do the trick. Don’t worry about using oil directly on your face since your cleansing products will remove the residual oils, etc. Start by getting a cloth or makeup pad and remove your makeup entirely. If this takes multiple pads, then so be it. Use as many as necessary to remove all remnants of makeup on your skin. After your sure it’s removed, grab your favorite skin cleanser like Beauty 360 Illuminating Facial Cleanser and start applying to your face. Use either a gentle cloth or facial brush (exfoliation bonus!) to apply the cleanser in circular motions, avoiding delicate skin around the eyes. Repeat this process until ALL your face has been cleansed with cleanser.

Step 2: Rinse and Tone

Run luke-warm water and flush away all cleanser from your skin. Be sure to get ALL of it since it can become an irritant if left on skin overnight. Once you’re sure you’ve removed it all, rinse your face again just to be sure. Pat dry. Grab your favorite toner like Studio 35 Witch Hazel Toner/Cleanser and apply all over your skin. This helps to cleanse and condition your pores, ensuring all impurities have been removed from deep within your epidermis. Apply with a cotton ball, soft cloth, or facial pad. Let your skin air dry.

Step 3: Moisturize Eyes and Skin

This is essential. Moisturizer keeps skin supple and hydrated, thus helping to reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. Dry skin will wrinkle and impression much faster so it’s important to always ensure your skin is moisturized and hydrated! Equate Beauty Strinkingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion is perfect for those who have dry or combination skin. Apply all over, avoiding contact with eyes. Apply generously and allow your skin to air dry before lying down for bed. Once your skin is moisturized, apply your eye cream. You are done! This process should only take about 5-10 minutes every night but will shave years off your looks if you maintain this healthy skin care regime. Be sure to set up an appropriate skin care routine in the morning to ensure you start every day fresh and clean!

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