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People with sensitive skin can feel like they are in a never-ending battle with their skin, dealing with discomforts like itchiness, dryness, redness or stinging, and they are often on a constant search for relief. The thing about sensitive skin is that it can be easily dealt with and remedied with the right kind of daily care, specific to your skin. Skin sensitivity can be caused by many things but most commonly: allergic reactions to harsh ingredients, chemicals or fragrances, hormonal imbalances, foods or drinks, stress levels, genetics, or medications. To reduce the symptoms of sensitive skin start by:

  • Avoiding products with detergents or alcohols, both of which compromise the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Moisturize properly, which both protects the skin and replenishes lost moisture.
  • Avoid intense ingredients like acids, retinols, and alcohols.
  • Avoid rough scrubs and exfoliants, which further degrade the barrier.
  • Avoid products with synthetic fragrance.
  • Aim for mild, gentle skin care products.

Control your Diet

Low carb, alkaline diet with green vegetables and fruits. Balance an over acidic body with alkaline foods such as: green pepper, cauliflower, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, onion, lettuce, potato, apples, raspberries, etc.

Reduce Stress

Chronic stress often first manifests in the form of various skin conditions. Stress relief techniques such as relaxing breaths, baths, quiet time, practicing yoga and utilizing scents, oils, candles and other sensory methods can greatly help you manage and control the stress in your life. Try a simple and easy change in your daily routine such as switching out your body moisturizer for this CVS Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion, available on for $9.69 (Save 15% with Ship & Save!).


Only using cleansers which are hypoallergenic and wont clog pores or otherwise irritate skin. A great product we found for an affordable price is Equate Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion, available on for $6.84 which is great for sensitive skin and keeps your face moisturized all day long.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is great to use for all skin types and helps to maintain the skin’s pH level, and also acts as a natural disinfectant. It promotes good skin health by killing the bad microbes on your face. You can drink it twice daily by mixing it with equal quantities of water and see results within days.


Water is one of the greatest gifts on earth. It is not only one of our life sources, it also benefits our body, mind and spirit. It is recommended that we consume up to 8 glasses of H2O a day. This is not a tall order, and you will notice the following benefits almost immediately:

  • Healthy scalp
  • Strong hair and nails
  • Clearer skin
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Weight loss

Try something like Equate Beauty Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel ( for $4.68) which help’s to enhance skin’s natural moisture barrier, while being hypoallergenic and 100% fragrance free! You can’t go wrong here!

If you want better skin, get it today! Enjoying a more balanced lifestyle will benefit much more than your skin, we promise! Stay beautiful Savvy Beauties!

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