Simple Spring Makeup Looks

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Image by santmagazine

Excited to switch back to some lighter, sparklier shades? We are too! As much as we love our deep, rich cold weather makeup, we are also really pumped to grab our glosses and enjoy the peachier side of life. From dewy skin to lighter bronzers, it’s time to bust out the spring fresh makeup colors! Here’s how you can achieve these simple spring makeup looks – effortlessly.

Peach Sunday

Image by Divine

Usually we focus on eyes, or lips. One or the other. What about just cheeks? Peachy, dewy cheeks that look sun kissed and sweet? If you’re worried the lighter shades will wash out your skin, opt for a darker shade but we know this sweet look is stunning and very simple to achieve. Here’s a tip for your front-and-center cheeky look! Use a banana powder for the perfect light peach shade! For a more pigmented cheek, wet your brush lightly before applying the powder. Now grab a lip gloss in a lighter peach shade, glossy or matte would suit this look. Brown and peach go well together so opt for a lighter brown on the lids or define them with a darker brown shade. Follow up with your usual mascara and brow routine. You’ll love this simple, fresh, spring look in less than 7 minutes!

Before applying your makeup, be sure your hands and brushes are cleaned well! A Baby shampoo like Parent’s Choice Tear-Free Baby Wash & Shampoo is perfect for getting both cleaned and ready for a fresh application! Get it on for only 2.56!

Au Naturel

This look will focus mainly on brows and lips. Defined brows frame your face, regardless how you prefer them, full or light. Most cosmetic brow kits come with brow colors but look for one with a primer too! Apply your color with an angled brush for the ideal shape. As for the eyes use mascara and eyeliner as much as you feel the need to achieve the natural look. Be sure to focus on a bold lip color like coral! It looks stunning and is the perfect shade for spring time.

Use a great texturizing spray and give yourself some beachy waves. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner from ($17.96) is perfect for that as well as minimizing frizz and keeping hair in its place. It does so much more for your hair, we promise you’ll love it.

Skin Care

The best thing you can do for your look is to have great skin. Maintaining good skin is essential for even makeup application and complexion. Always be sure to use a good cleanser like Well at Walgreens Deep Cleansing Charcoal Wash on for $5.49. Be sure to follow up a complete facial cleansing routine with a solid moisturizer. Keeping skin hydrated is a necessary part of skin care. For a full skin care routine, visit The Savvy Beauty for more tips and tricks!