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Ever wonder how many cosmetics you’ve forgot you actually had? Most of us purchase a little something every time we walk into the pharmacy or department store. As we buy new, the ‘old’ gets buried under the heaps of makeup stacks cluttered in our drawers or desks. What if you could easily see all the eye shadow, lipsticks, concealers, etc. you really have. It would be glorious! You’ll find that organizing your cosmetics opens the door for sorting your current stash and tossing the things making your clutter worse. Here are some great tips for organizing your vanity.

Get Drawer Dividers

Small dividers or baskets can easily provide an opportunity for you to sort and display your cosmetics easily. Organizing your makeup differently can showcase the variations you have, making your options and selection much more accessible! It doesn’t take much time to collect all your goods, toss the old and sort through the new. Now you can file, organize, and display your cosmetics effectively.

Ice Cube Trays

These are great to store small, compact eye shadows in an easy to see format. They can be placed side by side (depending on how much space you have) or stacked on top of each other to conserve space. It’s the perfect way to organize your little round containers!

Clear Drawers

If you want to invest some money and grab a clear drawer it would be great to use for your favorite, every day products. By keeping them in a clear drawer you can spot them easily while preventing dust or dirt from getting on them. These drawers also look super chic on your vanity top.

Cups or Mugs

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These are great to use for your brushes, eye lash curlers, or even eye liner pencils. They take up very little space and can add a nice touch to your vanity. The dollar store is a perfect starting place for finding fabulous storage ideas for all your cosmetics and application tools.

Decorative Boxes

These come in all shapes and sizes. You could find a shorter one and lay all your nail polish on its side. This will allow you to quickly scan your stash and decide on the best color choice quickly. Not only that, you can include your nail files, toe separators, and remover on top to keep it all in one place!

Pretty Baskets

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These are great for eye shadow pallets. If they are all uniform in size you can file them together or get various options for all shapes and sizes! These can be left on top of the vanity or in an organized space in your room – depending on the size of your cosmetic collection!

Tray on Wheels  

Imagine a tray on wheels where you can store a bunch of your makeup and then roll it away into a closet! These are similar to what you see at the hairdresser and come in different sizes. Some of them even have 3-5 layers of stacked trays. An amazing way to sort all your cosmetics if you don’t have a huge collection, or sort your stash by category on each tray. This leaves tons of options for the organized beauty and can be found at most department stores!

Cute Boxes

With all your cosmetics tucked away neatly, you now have space for some skin care products too! It’s amazing how your vanity can become a ‘one stop shop’ for all your beauty routine needs. We love things being clean and uncluttered so that you can get the most out of what you’ve purchased. If you grab some cute boxes, you can store some skin care stuff like cotton pads, makeup remover, wrinkle serum like Equate Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum( for $14.88) which we love and many more products!

If you have some extra space on a desk or dresser you could even put your face cleansing products in a cute plastic basket to bring with you to the bathroom. This way everything is kept together, and can create more space in your bathroom this way! Store your Illuminating Facial Cleanser (on for $4.89) easily and conveniently!

Got body washes, loofas, razors or shampoo/conditioner? Another great way to conveniently keep everything in one place if you don’t have the room in your bathroom shower! Store up&up Revitalizing Body Wash (Found on and all your other bottles in a taller basket so it’s easy to grab and wet bottles don’t fall out while you’re carrying it.

There are tons of cute and creative ways to organize your vanity today! Don’t waste another day digging through your drawers or boxes to find something that can easily be displayed – with taste! Make a trip to the store and pick up a few things that will help you change your makeup treasure hunt forever!

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