Must Have Styling Products for Funky Hair

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Sometimes we want to just do something totally crazy like shave off our hair, or choose a daring color that we otherwise would never have picked. There are times when you just want to reach right outside your proverbial box and do something completely out of the ordinary. This may have to do with your hair, clothing, attitude, makeup looks or many other ‘representations’ we have of ourselves. Whatever way you cut it, if you decide to go bananas with your hair, we have the BEST products to help you achieve the awesome look you’re going for. Here are some of our favorites.

Note to reader… unless you are absolutely sure about making a major hair change, don’t do it. Put off major cuts for another day… sleep on it. But if it’s just your style or color, go for it girl. Sometimes we need to shake things up a bit and do something completely wild and crazy!

Beauty 360 Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner

This is a little more subtle but just as important, none the less. Getting straight hair can be an absolute nightmare and marathon for some women out there. Having a ‘straight’ hair day is a crazy thought for some of us. If you decide to take on the challenge, definitely work together with this fantastic shampoo and conditioner to ease the efforts and create an easier experience for yourself. The keratin proteins help your cuticles to lay down at the roots, creating soft, smooth hair.

Equate Beauty Fabulous Hair Firm Hold Hairspray

So its prom, a wedding, club night, crazy-awesome hair day or whatever and you need your style to hold. This spray will help you keep your style in place – all day long. It’s formulated to minimize frizz (bonus!) and firm up your hair so that it stays in place and doesn’t move with the wind. We wouldn’t suggest this spray if you’re looking for a boho-breezy wavy hair look but definitely suggest it for amazing hair styles that NEED to stay in place. Ah hem… mohawk anyone?

CVS Extreme Hold Hair Gel Maximum Strength

Picture your hair, combed back into a perfectly tied top knot or bun, completely slicked without a single hair waving in the wind. Sleek city people. Nothing moves when this stuff is around so don’t mistake it on picture day for a light hold gel. You will create a semi-permanent hair scene with this gel and enjoy the look you’re going for all day long – and night – and then the next day as well.

Equate Punk Hair Gel

Need something to keep your punk-tastic styles rockin’? No one says you have to create a helmet of hair with some of the products we mentioned to be punk. Think of giving your hair a shinier and fuller look while maintaining it’s shape. It’s easy to style with and will leave you satisfied from the moment to work this stuff into your hands. Go ahead and be creative. ($1.97 on

Equate Beauty Tea Tree Dry Shampoo

This is for the days when you may have over slept your alarm or have waited for your perfect second day hair to get the style just right. Perhaps there is some oil buildup that just doesn’t sit well with you. No problem. Spritz a little bit of dry shampoo into your locks and work into your roots until they appear to be clean. Style as usual and enjoy! ($2.74 on

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