When You Should Use Full Coverage Foundation

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We usually like to wear makeup to enhance our beauty and accentuate certain features that we like about ourselves but should we be going full on, full-coverage every day? Should we be caking on the foundation, primers, concealers, highlighters and beyond all the time? We think not. Less is more and that’s the way the trend is going. The Kim Kardashian look-alike phase is on it’s way out and well, we are glad it’s almost over.

Full face coverage is great for events where a lot of pictures will be taken and lighting is ideal. Full face coverage literally leaves you looking flawless if you take the time and effort to properly apply it and blend it perfectly. We find as we get older, the full face just doesn’t cut it anymore. The caked-on makeup ends up getting caught in our ‘experience wrinkles’ and looking like we are literally coming undone. Full coverage makeup for a younger person is acceptable as long as it’s done tastefully. We aren’t huge advocates for young girls believing they need makeup to look good but we also understand that teens will experiment and get better with age.

When you’re going to a fun event where there won’t be a lot of movement (unlike a dance club) then full face is okay – as long as you don’t go overboard. Weddings, socials, semi-formals, fancy events can all be rocked with full coverage. Beyond that, less is more. If you are loading on the makeup all the time, ask yourself why? Why am I not able to go out without all this on my face? That’s a good starting place since skin will naturally clear up when less makeup is applied and proper skin care routines are in place. This also goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet and drinking water but we won’t get into detail on that.

Less Is More

So how can you look incredible without having to cover up every little imperfection? Firstly apply thin layers of foundation rather than thicker ones. Start cutting back on the application and try to minimize the amount you’re using. Mix it together with primer to get a more translucent look and avoid it looking cakey. Next, familiarize yourself with your undertones. Grab a color wheel, and use opposites to your advantage! Blues cover reds, oranges cover blues, etc. Try Equate Beauty Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector to spot treat undesirable areas rather than trying to cover every part of your face. Get it on Walmart.com for $12.84.

Accentuate Desirable Features

Use color to your advantage! If you have blue eyes use gold, apricot, or peach to make them pop. Green eyes will do wonderfully with plums and wine colors and brown eyes look best with blue and purple undertones. Using color to your advantage can draw attention to areas that you love, leaving the rest fairly unnoticed. Draw attention to your lips by outlining them lightly with white liner, then again with your desired lip liner pencil. Apply your lipstick and then a light shade of base foundation around the new lip line, blending well with a soft edge lip brush. Choose colors that are fun and will make your outfit pop.

Finding ways to play with makeup can lead you down the path to the less is more approach. You don’t have to be flawless to be comfortable in your own skin. Learn to embrace the light and dark within yourself and suddenly you won’t really give a da*m what others are saying about you. Oh and always keep skin healthy with a good skin care routine. Equate Beauty Mild Liquid Facial Soap($5.87 walmart.com) is a wonderful daily cleanser and can be followed up with Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion.

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