The Do’s and Don’ts of Date Night Makeup

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This year means a whole new you! That means letting go of all those negative, unworthy things that 2017 held for you, and allowing 2018 to bring you magical, positive changes that will turn your life upside down! No dream is too big, girl. Dream away – even if it’s for a man that you’ve been crushing on for months and have finally got a chance to go out with!!!! So if you’ve landed a pretty sweet date and are looking for some great makeup looks, you’ve come to the right place cuz we’ve got the low down on makeup do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Overdo the Fake Glow

Make sure that when you’re contouring you don’t get heavy handed, leaving your face looking muddy and tinged. Rather, opt for a neutral bronzer where you can lightly touch up your skin with a shade that is only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Think less is more, you don’t want him wondering what’s under the mask.

Do Apply a Subtle Smokey Eye

Don’t try to hit this one out of the park. If this date is for real and you’re hoping for a long term thing, they will eventually see you without makeup. Let’s be real. Leave the knock-out, party rock smokey eye for the club and opt for something a little more subtle on date night. Simply tone down the deep black color palette for something like a medium grey shadow. Finish the look by adding the darker grey on the outer corners of your lids and highlighting your brow bones and inner eye corners with a light shimmer. Let your eyes be the focus, not your layers of sparkling shadow around them.

Don’t Over Line Your Entire Eye

Rather, go for a lighter eye liner and add some extra mascara to make your lashes pop. To reduce the dark outline, keep the liner to the lining of your upper and lower lash lines, including the outer corners of your eyes. You want your eyes to appear big and alert so making them bigger with 2 coats of mascara will go further than a dark line of liner all around your eyes.

Do Apply a Tinted Moisturizer

Keep your heavy foundation at home, ladies. The idea is to even out your skin tone, not to hide every bump and imperfection on your face. A tinted moisturizer will still keep you looking like you and will appear lighter and less intense on your date. No one likes finding makeup on their shirt collars after a cozy cuddle.  Spot treat blemishes or trouble zones with a small amount of concealer if necessary but please leave the heavy foundation at home.

Do Some Pre-Date Prep

Be sure to get extra sleep the night before and drink tons of water for 3 days leading up to the big day. This will brighten your skin, hair, nails, eyes and leave you appearing more alert, awake, and moist. Water is great for you anyway so the benefits are endless. Do some strategic skin care before the day with a micro bead exfoliator like Equate Beauty AM Refreshing Facial Cleanser from This will cleanse your skin deep into the pores, leaving it refreshed and perked up. Don’t forget your body!

Be sure to dry brush and moisturize with Beauty 360 Daily Moisturizing Lotionfrom for $5.31 to get your skin silky smooth. Finally, be sure to use a fresh smelling body wash before the date that will leave hits of sweet dreams in your dates head. Etos Shower Cream Aloe Jasmine is perfect for a slight scent that’s fresh and subtle.

We wish you the best of luck, Savvy Beauty! For more beauty tips & tricks visit The Savvy!