Fresh Makeup Trends for Spring

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Now that we’ve passed the first day of spring, it’s time to celebrate with a change up of makeup routines. The winter routine is out the window even though winter is hanging on to the bitter end. Days will begin to warm up and your makeup and skin care routine will be well underway to adjust with the change of seasons. Time to say good bye to dark lipsticks, heavy foundation, and prominent eyeliners. Spring brings a lightness and freshness to life that can easily be expressed through fashion and makeup. Yay! The best way to embrace the spring makeup trends this year is to aim for fresh and dewy – morenatural. Here are some fresh makeup trends hitting the streets this spring.


So we can go ahead and borrow the glitter products we gave away to our niece last year since glitter will be big this year! All over the runways was glitter – from cheeks, to eyes, lips and beyond. If glitter isn’t really your thing every day you can experiment with it when you go out at night or for a special occasion. Have fun with it, add it to your lash line or on the apples of your cheeks to act as a highlighter. Be sure to check that the formulas are okay to add to your face first before you go disco ball on us. Oh and if things get a little out of control, use a piece of scotch tape to pick up pieces that have gone rogue.

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Stained Cheeks

Think of rosy cheeks from a brisk walk in the early morning. Not frost bitten from winter but rather a nice crisp morning run. Find a subtle, peachy or pinky color to add to the apples of your cheeks. Liquid is great since you can simply dab your finger and apply to the apples of your cheeks, and blend outwards. The bonus with fluid formulas is that they tend to blend right in for a more natural look. You can also apply a little on your lips to create a monochromatic look that is trending this spring! Make sure that you hydrate your skin well before applying makeup for the day. Equate Beauty Strinkingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion is the perfect lotion to enhance skin’s natural moisture barrier while maintaining hydration all day long. Get it on for only $3.98 on rollback from $12.87!

Watercolor Eyes

This is great because we have been deprived of rich, beautiful color for months now! All you need this spring is a swipe of color across your eyes. Yellow, teal, and purple were the most popular on the runways this season but really any color will do! This may be hard for some women who are used to more neutral tones but there is always an occasion this makeup can be used. Choose a creamy formula since is more easily blended. Using a finger or your brush, swipe a stroke of color at the base of the lids then blend it up and out to cover the lid until you reach the crease. Try not to add other colors that will tone down or fade the colors. Just enjoy them as you are and pair a fantastic outfit to compliment.

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We hope you enjoy these refreshing makeup trends this season and we look forward to seeing all the bright, beautiful colors on the streets this spring! For more beauty tips and tricks visit