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We thought we would include something in here for our lovely ladies who are new to makeup or maybe less experienced and want to learn some basics. Having fantastic, show stopping makeup looks is fabulous but let’s be real – makeup 101 ensures you have your basic makeup routine down pat so that you can get out the door every single day in 5 minutes flat. Let’s talk about what’s in your makeup kit, some makeup nitty gritty, how to build a routine that fits your personality/schedule and just some simple tips on how to apply, utilize and approach makeup from the beginning. So let’s get started.


How fitting that it’s the first thing we discuss. Foundation is usually the first thing you apply after your skin care routine. It’s what makes your skin appear flawless, and hides imperfections. The most important aspect to remember about foundation is coverage. If you want lighter coverage than opt for something like a tinted moisturizer, or lightly colored cream that you can apply simply with the swipe of your fingers. Obviously working it in evenly over your face and neck. The second option would be liquid foundation which gives you full coverage. This can be applied with a brush, fingers or blending brush.

Concealer is a step above foundation. This is a step up because it can further blend those stubborn dark spots, blemishes, dark eye circles and much more. Pick the one best for you by determining what level of coverage you need for your skin. Equate Beauty Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector can also help BIG time to minimize the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and dark spots. Get it on for $12.84.

Bronzer & Highlighter

This is first step in adding warmth and dimension back to your face after applying your foundation. This stuff allows you to add some sunshine to your features by applying it strategically in areas that will benefit most from it. The best bronzer for you will be the same shade as a natural tan for you – not orange and not too dark. Highlighter can take this to another level. When you see pictures of a girl who has glowing, dewy skin she is likely wearing highlighter. This uses brightness to bring out areas of your face, rather than making parts look smaller. Check out the options available for highlighter to find the one best suited for your lifestyle and makeup preferences.


We all have a natural flush to our cheeks. When we apply makeup we are essentially wiping away all natural skin colors from our face. Blush comes in so many hues that you can literally breathe life back into your face in areas other than your cheeks. Check out some tutorials online to find the best way to apply blush for your face shape, skin type and skin tone.


Applying eyeshadow has become a HUGE part of makeup application. For those who are simply looking for a nice pop of color, grab a few shades that compliment your eyes and features and swipe it across you upper lid. There are many techniques to do this is be sure to practice or check out some professional makeup artists for the best tips.

Eyeliner, Brow Pencil & Mascara

This is used to enhance the shape and color of the eyes. Beginners should keep thing pretty straight forward by using a pencil along their lower lash line to create definition and along the upper lash line to make eyelashes look fuller. Different colors create various effects. There are several techniques you can use as you become better at applying the eyeliner basics. Brow pencil can enhance the entire look of your face. This may seem like a no-no for some but once you try it, you’ll see that everything can change in an instant – for the better! Try to find an eyebrow pencil in a hue that compliments the natural color of your eyebrows. Once your eye makeup is done, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler (practice before trying on fresh makeup) and apply your mascara. Be sure to start with a mascara that is not waterproof so it’s easier to take off. The formulas are typically designed to enhance length, or volume and the shape of the wand can make the biggest difference! Try to find a mascara with a smaller wand so you have more control when putting it on.

Keep your skin refreshed and youthful with Equate Beauty Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion! Get it on for $3.98! Caring for your skin is one of the most important keys to great looking makeup. Your application of makeup should be to enhance your natural beauty, while showing off your fabulous features at the same time! Before adding your skin cream try Studio 35 Beauty Witch Hazel Toner/Cleanser from! This formula with gently cleanse and condition your pores while removing all dirt, oil, and makeup. You will love this stuff!

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