If You Wear Makeup Every Day, Know This.

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Generally women wear makeup every day. Some women wear it only when they go out while others wear it all the time, save sleeping. However often you wear makeup is obviously a personal preference but there are some things you should be aware of if you wear it.


Quality of makeup makes a difference. Especially if you’ll be wearing it all day. We spend a fortune on skin care but sometimes forget to consider good quality when shopping around. The good news is that quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. There are lots of products that benefit your skin at a range of price levels. When shopping for foundation, as an example, be sure to look for foundations that contain SPF so that you also gain the benefit of sun protection. If you have oily skin or are acne prone avoid chemicals like lanolins, isopropyl myristate, and red cosmetic dyes. Equate Beauty AM Refreshing Facial Cleanser is perfect to have on hand as a daily cleanser to keep your skin looking great. Get it on Walmart.com for only $3.47.

As well as avoiding certain chemicals in products, be aware of reactions or skin conditions which may appear as you explore new products. They may not always be immediate so only use/change 1 product at a time. Note anything unusual when using the product and don’t ignore signs that something is wrong. Look for signs of irritation like redness, inflammation, breakouts, dryness, or bumps. These may develop over time so always notice how your skin is doing so that you don’t cause permanent damage when using unwelcome substances.

Remove All of It

It’s easy to determine that as long as your skin is covered in makeup, the amount of fresh air getting into your skin is greatly diminished. So consider removing your makeup when you no longer feel you need it like after work, a meeting, or after school. Makeup was intended as an enhancement tool so it’s important that we don’t replace our natural look with makeup all of the time. Coconut oil, Vaseline, olive oil, and many makeup removers can easily remove all dirt, oil, and makeup off your face effortlessly. Even purchasing the makeup wipes can make this task a breeze. Remember that it is especially important to remove your makeup every single night as the skin does most of its major repairs and regenerations while we are sleeping. Facial skin is full of pores and thus very absorbent. Remember that whatever you put on your skin, will end up inside you.

Sweating In Your Makeup

When the weather it hot and you are on the go, remember less is more. Limiting the amount of makeup you wear when there is a potential for sweating is important. Try to minimize the full coverage foundations and all-over potions to allow skin to breathe. When you sweat, your body is actually releasing toxins from the skin through the pores. Having makeup on can actually create a barrier, preventing toxins from releasing resulting in skin that is very dirty. This can cause a greasy mess as sebum (natural oils) is also released throughout the day. Allowing too much sebum to get trapped on your skin can result in dryness and breakouts. Letting your skin breathe and release toxins is an essential part to healthy skin care. When it’s hot, remember less is more.

When you get home or in the shower after sweating, be sure to properly cleanse your skin deep within pores. Equate Beauty AM Refreshing Cleanser is perfect for a deep cleanse, followed by Studio35 Witch Hazel Toner and Cleanser. Get it for $4.49 on Walgreens.com. It’s not just your face that needs cleansing! Try up & up Revitalizing Body Wash to get your skin squeaky clean, while combating aging with intense hydration. Get it from Target for only $3.92.

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