Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

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Skin care is an integral part of beauty just as eating well is integral to good health. Applying makeup should enhance your beauty but not replace ‘who’ or what you look like. Makeup was designed for women to play and have fun with their look, perhaps create an illusion of larger eyes or fuller lips, etc. Makeup was to be worn when women went out ‘on the town’ not 100% like when we forget to remove our makeup at night time. This is an extremely important time for skin to breathe, rejuvenate, and repair itself.

Dull Complexion

Regular cleansing and exfoliation are integral for allowing skin to turnover old cells and bring in new. You need to allow the natural repair processes of the skin to occur, leaving your skin looking radiant and bright over time. With a well-established skin care routine you’ll no longer need products to ‘brighten’ your skin but rather have naturally glowing skin from regular self-care. Oils and dead skin cells on the outermost layers of the skin are matted up against the pillow all night, and natural cell repair of this dull epidermal layer is diminished.

Dreaded Breakouts

Cleansing and exfoliating your skin is essential to good skin care habits and healthy skin. By avoiding skin cleansing, you are preventing dead cells from being sluffed off and removed, thus leaving skin clogged, dirty, and possibly inflamed –leading to pimples. Equate Beauty Am Refreshing Cleanser on for $4.37 invigorates your skin, while gently removing build-up from dirt and oil. Keeping pores clear is essential to proper skin rejuvenation and repair.

You’ll Look Older and Have More Wrinkles

Toxins, dirt, and oil from day-to-day on-goings can allow environmentally-induced oxidative damage which will eventually lead to a breakdown in the skin’s natural barrier. This may cause premature aging, lose of collagen and elastin which will lead to wrinkles and fine lines. To fight wrinkles try Equate Beauty Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum on The best preventative medicine is to ensure your makeup is removed every single day and a quality night time routine is established to allow skin time to recover and rejuvenate itself.

You May Worsen a Skin Condition

If you suffer from dry skin, severe acne, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, oily skin, blackheads or another skin condition your lack of skin care routine may actually exasperate the issue worse than before. Wearing makeup already leaves chemicals on your skin but sleeping in it clogs pores, traps dirt and toxins as well as dead skin cells. Clearing the toxin-exit pathways is essential – dry brushing, exfoliating, lymph node clearing, exercise, etc. all allow the body to expel toxins in a natural course. Applying makeup AND forgetting to remove it will worsen any skin condition thus preventing it from getting better. Equate Beauty Wipe Away the Day Cleansing Balm is great for removing makeup and cleansing skin. Get it at Walmart today.

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