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Tired of constantly checking to see if your makeup is still where it should be? Always thinking about re-applying your lipstick after a meeting because you know that it’s probably worn off by now? Worry not, we have some great tips for you to get your makeup to last longer than ever before!

Choose the Right Products for You

First of all you need to determine what skin type you have since many cosmetics are formulated based on skin type. Do you have oily, dry, combination, sensitive, etc.? Determine that and then make a point of finding products suitable for your skin type. As an example you could find oil absorbing makeup products to help keep your shine in check for those with oil skin. Or you could find products that provide moisture for those with dry skin and so on.

Proper Skin Care

When makeup sits on oil and dirt it tends to rub off or wear off easily. Take good care of your T-zone particularly by maintaining a solid skin care routine – day and night. Cleanse your skin thoroughly while leaving it fresh and glowing with Beauty 360 Illuminating Facial Cleanser. You can get it on for $5.59 and it is suitable for all skin types. Be sure to cleanse your pores afterwards by applying Equate Clarifying Toner on for $6.84 (on sale from 9.87!). Toner gently exfoliates skin for a clear, glowing complexion while helping to stop blemishes. You need this!

Finally hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with Equate Beauty Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel to enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Get it on for $4.78. This gel is best suited for dry or combination skin types. Be sure to let this gel set and dry on your skin so that your makeup does not get absorbed into your pores. Ensuring you have a proper skin care regime helps to maintain clear pores so that your makeup stays better and lasts longer!

Foundation and Primer

Consider using a foundation primer before applying foundation to ensure more adherence for the foundation and even coverage. The primer will also help in getting your makeup to last much, much longer. Without primer, makeup tends to get absorbed and look blotchy half way through your day. When choosing a foundation opt for a powder-based, anti-aging, compact style for smooth, full coverage. Do not rub foundation into your skin, rather try to blend it around the edges.


Remember a good quality powder is essential to have long lasting makeup. Use lightweight, loose translucent type powders and a dense, larger powder brush to powder your face. It’s important to repeat the application over your oily areas. Consider adding another light layer of powdered blush or bronzer. If you have dry, flaky skin skip this step. A long lasting makeup trick is to use loose powder. Be sure to tap any excess off before applying to your face.


Use a lip-liner to keep lipstick in place. Purchasing long-wearing good quality lipstick is essential. After applying lip-liner to your lips dust them with a loose, translucent powder and then apply your gloss or lipstick of your choice.


In between layering your eye makeup, dust with powder just like we suggested above to help the cosmetic stick better and stay in place longer. This goes for your eye liner and mascara applications. Consider an eye makeup primer as it can make your makeup last much, much longer. It not only makes eye shadow stick longer but it also helps in having more vibrant colors. Liquid eyeliner stays much better than pencil liners.

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