Cool Holiday Makeup Ideas

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The festive season is officially upon us and as we are all busy bustling around we tend to forget about some much loved details. These include the amazing makeup looks you can pull off this holiday season to truly get in the Christmas spirit! We have some awesome eyeliner tutorials that you can try to make your holidays a little bit brighter.

Metallic Molten Gold Liner

Step 1: Start by creating a light brown smoky eye for this look. With a matte brown and reddish shadow, define your crease and lower lash line.

Step 2: Next, use a lighter, whiter shade on your lid and in the inner corners.

Step 3: Go in with a piercing metallic gold liner and begin to line your upper lash line. Create a thick winged-out look and outline the wing with black liquid liner.

Step 4: Finish off your look with 2 coats of mascara and optional false lashes.

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Candy Cane Holiday Liner

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Step 1: Start off with a matte brown shadow in your crease to define your eye.

Step 2: Grab a white liquid liner and follow your upper lash line to create a thick cat eye wing.

Step 3: Apply a red hydra liner in small lines over top of your white liner in a festive, candy cane pattern.

Step 4: Highlight your inner corner and brow bone with a metallic silver shade and apply false lashes and mascara.

Other Holiday Makeup Ideas

Shimmery Copper Shadow

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If candy cane is not your thing, no problem! Try a copper or bronze shade instead. Simply smudge a shimmery copper shadow along your top and bottom lash lines, line your inner upper and lower waterlines with black waterproof liner and finish off the look with a glossy nude lip.

Classic Smoky Eye and Scarlet Lip

Simply create your standard smoky eye with a beautiful winged cat eye and finalize your look with a deep red lip and killer falsies! This is a classic look that you really can’t go wrong with and you’ll love all evening long.

Skin Care Tips

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Use your regular cleansing products and keep yourself looking beautiful, girl! Oh and don’t forget to try this amazing Etos Cucumber Green Tea Shower Creamon Instacart for the holidays. Everyone will be trying to get a little closer once they catch a sniff of this yummy shower cream. Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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