Clean Your Makeup Brushes the Right Way

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Buildup, makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities make their way into your makeup products and your cosmetic tools! Cleansing our skin and face is not the only thing we can do to get rid of acne, blackheads and blemishes. A regular cleaning routine of your personal care brushes is essential to good skin care. We recommend cleaning your brushes every few months at least to minimize the development of bacteria that can harm your skin health. A great way to do this is by making a DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat. These mats have unique textured surfaces which allow various brush configurations to release dirt and oil by simply running them over the mat with some cleaning solution. Here is how to get your brushes cleaner than ever!

Step 1: Make Your Brush Cleaning Mat

Get 2 basic materials for this project (trust us it’s not rocket science). First you’ll need a plastic clip board and secondly a glue gun with some glue. Both of these items can be picked up at most dollarstores. If you don’t want to buy the clipboard, try to find any plastic surface that is waterproof like a plastic cutting board or binder cover. Divide your plastic surface into 5 sections with a marker – it doesn’t really matter what pattern you mark out, just have 5 sections. Now start by adding hot glue in straight lines in one section. Add zigzags in the second section. The third can be small dots, the fourth will be larger dots. The final section can be a free-for-all with hot glue. Just make some type of pattern so that you have a textured surface. Now let the glue dry.

Step 2: Find Mild Cleansing Shampoo or Baby Shampoo

This will be used for your brushes because it isn’t harsh or irritating. We also don’t want to smother the bristles or hair with cleaning detergents that will never wash out. A simple baby shampoo like Hair and Body Baby Wash ( $3.19) or Little Ones Head to Toe Wash ( is a perfect brush cleaning solution. If you prefer a scented version, Equate Beauty Sleep Time Bath( is scented with lovely lavender. Pick up some olive oil as well – you’ll need it.

Step 3: Set-Up

Place your DIY mat into the sink and pour some olive oil on one side of the mat. Now pour some baby shampoo on the other side of the mat. Don’t add too much at first until you determine how much your using and how many brushes you have.

Step 4: Get Started

Work your brushes really well in the olive oil pool in the brush mat. Be careful not to use a mashing motion as it will ruin the shape of your brush. Rather use a swirling motion going back and fourth while being gentle. Now repeat this process on the baby shampoo side of the mat, being sure to add some water to help lather the shampoo. Gentle move your brush along your textured mat for as long as necessary.

Step 5: Thoroughly Rinse

Now hold your brushes under running water (luke-warm) until the water runs clear. Be sure to always keep the head of the brush pointed down so that the water doesn’t get into the base. If water gets into the base it will begin to dissolve the glue, allowing your bristles or hair to shed. To make your brushes last longer and perform better, always avoid getting water on anything except the brush hairs.

Now squeeze the brush head to expel any excess water. Do this twice for all your brushes.

Step 7: Dry

A clip board is perfect for this step because you can hang your brushes to dry from the clip easily. However it is not essential. Instead, prop your brushes on a towel which is slightly raised on one end. Place your brushes so that the handle is on the raised end and your bristles are pointed towards the lower end to allow for proper water drainage and drying.

Now you are ready to use your ridiculously clean, soft, new-feeling brushes as soon as they are dry! For more beauty tips and tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.