Makeup Hacks Every Beauty Should Know

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There are hard ways of doing things, then there are easy ways of doing things. We say take the path of least resistance! If you can get fabulous makeup looks without the crazy complicated tutorials or impossible techniques then why wouldn’t you? We have good news Savvy Beauties, we have amazing makeup hacks to make your cosmetic life much, much easier. Take some cool tips and use them in your routine today!

1.       Make Eye Shadow Pop with White Eyeliner

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If you have some less than impressive eye shadows kickin’ around, make them pop with this white eyeliner technique! To make less pigmented eye shadow appear more colorful, run a white eyeliner pencil over the length of your entire eyelid to really make the color stand out! The opaque white liner will instantly make any color stand out! Woah. Did we just opened a whole new can of….?

2.       Create Smokey Eyes

Use your eyeliner pencil to draw a hashtag just before the outer corner of your eyelid, then use a smudger to blend it out. Play with this technique a little to find the perfect color and intensity you are looking for. The eyeliner pencil creates a different textured look than traditional eyeshadow. We love it! #BeautyHacks.

3.       Fix Flaky Mascara

Find your mascara is a little dried out these days? Want to pump some life back into it before going out and buying a new one? Add a few drops of saline solution to your mascara and pump it with the wand to mix. Now you can get the mileage you need from your beloved, and expensive mascara. You’re welcome

4.       Create Plumper Lashes

Who doesn’t want gorgeous, lush lashes? Let me guess, your brother got the fabulous, long lash genes. It’s always the case. Now you too can have fuller lashes with this simple technique. Apply your (recently revived) mascara as usual – and let dry. Dust lashes with some translucent powder to grip the mascara, then apply a second coat. Get instantly fuller lashes with this technique. Your brother may even feel a little envious.

Skin Care Tips

Take care of your skin with these amazingly affordable beauty product dupes of major label brands! They have the same results and formulations as brands like Clinique, Aveeno, Johnsons, Oil of Olay and much more, but at a fraction of the big label price. Did you know you could have amazing skin on a budget? See these incredible deals that can be picked up online or in store!

CVS Illuminating Facial Cleanser available on for $6.99 can transform your skin! It is exactly as it describes – gives glowing beautiful skin using rich soy while ensuring your skin is clean and cleansed. Gentle enough for daily use and soap free! This product is comparable to Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Cleanser.

Equate Clarifying Toner available on for $9.87 is perfect for leaving skin feeling toned, refreshed, and moisturized. This product aids in eliminating dirt and oil while gently exfoliating the skin. Compare this to Clinique Clarifying Lotion for over double the price!

Finally you need to check out up & up Revitalizing Body Wash available on for $3.94 for a full body cleanse! Its anti-aging formula helps skin to retain moisture, fights dryness, and revitalizes aging skin. Everyone can benefit from this wash, especially since it has moisturizer built in!

5.       Long Lasting Lipstick

Since you’ve got the translucent powder out, put it to good use. Apply your lip color as usual. Grab a tissue and lay it over your lips, pressing lightly enough to see your lip outline but not too hard that it sticks. Now dust your translucent powder over the tissue to lock your color in. The reason we suggest placing a tissue is that the powder has a slight pigment and may alter your lip shade if applied directly. Who knew!?

6.       Plump Your Lips

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Want to create some luscious lip action? You can always create the illusion of fuller lips by tracing around your lip line before adding lip stick or you can get fuller lips. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your lip gloss for truly plumper lips.

7.       Alternative Makeup Remover

In a bind for some make up remover? Don’t run out to the store to pick some up, just go to your kitchen. Coconut oil has amazing beauty advantages, one of them being that it will remove your makeup flawlessly. Add some to a tissue or cotton pad and wipe away baby. Not only will you be free of cosmetics, but you’ll also have moisturized skin. Double bonus!

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