Make Travelling With Little Ones Stress-Free

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There is a time in our parenting careers when we have to travel with our young children. This can be very stressful for some moms who feel that they need to have everything available for their kids – even on the road. How is this possible? You drive a Mazda 3 and there is no way a playpen, travel swing, bumbo chair, and 5 days of clothes, diapers and food is going to fit. Oh, not to mention your single bag (which you’ve drastically downsized since looking at your baby’s travel necessities). The reality is this. Babies need very little. They can survive without their favorite 5 binkies and 25 board books. Narrow your list and streamline to the absolute necessities – you’ll find sanity and peace of mind once again!

Plan Ahead

Packing for a small child in a short time frame can be very stressful. Trying to make sure you have everything makes you end up packing more out of fear of forgetting something. Save yourself the trouble and plan ahead. Make a list a week before hand. Start to think about what outfits you want to bring and make sure they are washed. A sleeping blanket can double as a car blankie. Start to think this way and you list won’t get too out of hand – hopefully!

Check It Twice

Go over your original list and start to streamline. Cross out anything that is unnecessary or that you can cut down on. Find ways to dual-purpose something like a blanket, burp cloth, or toy/book. It’s easy to feel you need everything available at your fingertips but women have survived centuries with way less than you want to bring on this trip. Get cutty.

Down Size

Diapers are obviously a must but there are plenty of things you can cut out. Try bringing one pair of socks rather than 2. Find some cheap travel bottles and place all your baby toiletries in them so that you don’t have to take the entire bottle contents:

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Get travel size wipes, roll up change pad, and anything else you can cut down. Go without the monitor, unless you absolutely need at the place you’ll be staying and try to bring only the food that the baby will be eating. Forget extra books – maybe 1 or 2 – and bring 1 cuddle animal for bed time. Many times a baby will sleep better with a familiar object OR something that smells like mama (like your shirt!).

Get Rest

Travelling with a little one can cause stress and unnecessary anxiety for the parents. Just relax, pack and plan ahead with detailed lists and you’ll be fine. Realize that many parents have been in your shoes before and the trip will be fine without all the extras. Babies only need the basics of life and their parents. As long as they have you – they have everything.

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