Timeless Winter Wardrobe Staples

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The cold weather is on its way whether you like it or not. Having your gear ready to go would be the best option since prices are going to rise when the snow finally falls. Get ahead of the curve with some amazing 2017 winter fashion items that you can get online for very reasonable prices – if you’re a savvy shopper. You should always have some great winter staples in your wardrobe to maintain a well-rounded closet for all occasions (this does not mean over-doing the clothes shopping!). Every girl can benefit from some good selection for work, play, and everything in between.

Fishermen Sweater

This is an absolute must-have in every winter wardrobe! If you scope your parent’s closet you may just find a great sweater lingering from about 20 years ago that looks exactly like this. These amazing pieces have been around since the beginning of time for one simple reason: they are incredibly warm (not to mention cozy!). The cable-knit works with everything like a pair of broken-in boyfriend jeans to a button-down and tailored trouser for the office. You can’t go wrong with this investment and it will literally last you generations if you care well for your clothes.

Winter-style Midi Dress

Although you may think the winter has no place for dresses, you’re wrong, girl. A mid length, long sleeve winter dress can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and totally do-able even in the coldest of temperatures. Obviously you wouldn’t wear it on a winter hike but a nice dress with thicker leggings can keep the feminine side of you alive in winter time. Just check out this one below.

Image by Glamour

Wide Brim Hat

These can be picked up just about everywhere – if you know where to look. A wide-brim wool fedora is a great piece to replace the beanie and toque look. They are warm and all but just don’t cut it for Sunday brunch with Gran. The fedora is a wonderful piece that expands your winter wardrobe just enough to still look adorable while looking like you’re in with the fashionable crowd. Oh and maybe a little sophisticated too.

Classic Black Turtleneck

These can be bought in any color really but black is probably the most versatile. Amazingly this piece can be cozy on its own but also serves as a great layering piece, or can be bundled under a wooly sweater, cropped jacket, or casual flannel shirt. It can also be a perfect piece to wear under a terribly warm coat when you need to stay warm but remove a layer or two.

Cold Weather Skin & Hair Care

Although it can be a lot of fun to shop for new clothes this winter, you also need to remember your skin care routine may change a little too. With cold weather comes dry air, extreme temperatures and chapped skin. Be sure to care for your skin during this trying time of year. Be sure to give your skin extra moisture with something like Image Essentials Moisturizing Body Wash Shea Butter for $3.99 on kmart.com. This wonderful body wash will replenish moisture in skin, leaving it silky and smooth.

Maintain healthy hair with Equate Beauty Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo on Walmart.com to restore, penetrate, hydrate, and renew softness and shine through strengthening dry, damaged hair. Grab the complimenting conditioner while you’re at it on Walmart.com today.

Finally seal and restore your body’s moisture with Beauty 360 Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal (on CVS.com for $5.69) to relieve and protect your dry skin for up to 24 hours. Definitely something you want to keep at home and at the office this winter!

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