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The spring is coming up quick and we couldn’t be more excited about. No one is arguing that this winter has been long and hard on all of us. Not only are we tired of seeing the fluffy white stuff, but we are anxious to drop a few layers and finally enjoy the spring sunshine. With all this beauty coming our way, you want to make sure you have a few essentials to add to your spring wardrobe to enhance your own personal style beauty. Check out what The Savvy Beauty has found for your 2018 spring essentials!

Beautiful Lavender!

Find a stunner this spring that really brings out the beauty of this time of year. Think fresh, new, rebirth, and flowers everywhere. Color, color, color! It looks like lavender will be big hit this season so a pretty dress or shirt in lavender or perhaps a nice cami would be a great addition to your wardrobe this spring.

Bold Floral Patterns

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Try to find something a little out of your comfort zone for this one. Florals are always big this time of year so look for an awesome accent piece like a floral blazer, floral wide leg pants, or even floral maxi dress. You can always tone down the noise with a solid sweater and other solid accent pieces. Let your spring-freak fly.

Saturated Color

This means we need to embrace a new wave of rich color in 2018. Jewel tons have been ruling the runways like canary yellow, luxe purple, and ruby red. It’s safe to say that these bold hues are here to stay so keep your eyes open for great pieces in store. If you find something with a shorter sleeve, or lighter fabric you can even wear it right into the summer! Bonus!

Trench Coats

This should be a no brainer! Trench coats are always hot in the spring for their simple purpose of covering you up from weather and rain. Get out your old trenches or look for a fab new one to incorporate into your wardrobe this year. If you invest in this piece, it will really become a staple for you for years to come if you care for your garments well. A solid trench coat is always a great investment in our eyes and always seems to stand the test of time.

Pencil Skirts

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These skirt styles are so flattering on most body types. They are slimming, streamlined, professional looking and can go with so many different pieces. Ruching is also popular this season so check out some of the wearable ruched pencil skirts in stores this season. Grab one in a neutral or bold color and have fun with it in so many ways.

Pastel Colors

Again, these are always popular at this time of year so enjoy some pieces from your own personal collection, or go out and get something fresh and new. Pastels are great to mix with patterns, bolds and florals so don’t be afraid to mix and match. It’s all part of the fun of buying amazing clothes.

Spring Skin Care

Just like our wardrobe, our skin care routines also need some re-working. Not only are we exposed to more fresh air and sunlight but we no longer battle harsh weather and dry indoor air quality. A few great products for spring can really help you maintain healthy skin this season:

Etos Shower Cream Aloe Jasmine (Instacart) is perfect for refreshing and hydrating your skin. It creates a wonderfully rich lather and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Walgreens Deep Cleansing Charcoal Wash (Walgreens.com for $5.49) is great for getting deep into pores to clear away dirt and oil that can clog pores, causing acne and other skin issues.

CVS Feminine Wash Sensitive Skin (CVS.com for $4.19) is for those looking to meet intimate cleansing needs that demand a gentle yet effective alternative to traditional soap and water. This cleansing wash is a non-soap cleanser, specifically formulated to be hypoallergenic.

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