Secrets to a Happy Life.

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Could this be a far off dream for some? Is there such a thing as a ‘happy life’? Can you be happy even if you don’t have what you hoped you would by now, or aren’t making enough money to have the 2 car garage, 3 bedroom house, 2.5 kids and money to spend on vacations and other luxuries? Absolutely! You can absolutely be happy, and here’s why. Happiness comes from within YOU. Not from a single material thing that surround you in this life. Happiness is a feeling that creates a paradise, you don’t have to go anywhere to live in paradise, folks. See how you can instantly become a happier person right now!

Think B-I-G.

This means dream big. Dream so big that your mouth waters with the simple thought of you dream. It doesn’t matter what it is, seriously. Dream whatever you can and picture it in your mind. Think about how one day you’re going to live that dream and it’s going to be amazingly effortless. Why? Because amazing things happen to you. Find affirmations that will match your dream and write them down. Be sure to take a moment every day to say these to yourself – and mean it. Even if you don’t actually believe it, fake it people. You have no idea how miracles will find you.


Great things happen to me/Wonderful miracles always find their way to me/My dreams will manifest themselves effortlessly/ I am grateful for everything I have/ I am abundant/ I am secure/ I am happy/ I allow my dream to make it’s way into my life today/ etc.

Start Making Empowering Changes

This means identify areas in your life that could use some TLC. Think of things like exercising, getting outside in nature, spending time with friends, quitting smoking, eating healthy whole foods, cutting out processed junk, being kind to others, taking time to serve someone in your community, saying thank you, being more grateful, etc. Now start acting on these things. Shop differently for foods, look for better ways to commute, find amazing areas in nature that connect with you. Stop for a moment and thank the universe for everything you have. Now take it day by day until your little steps start manifesting into major life altering changes. This is where you want to be always.

Forgive Others

It’s easy to hold grudges, stay angry, and hold onto things that may be a big deal but have lasted for an eternity. I know someone who hates another family in their town because of a quarrel that happened during her grandmothers’ generation. It’s time to let go of this ancestral karma and start taking responsibility for your actions. You cannot control the way another treats you, reacts to you, or behaves with you BUT what you can do is change the way YOU react to the situation. Find effective ways to manage stress and learn to forgive others. This doesn’t mean your besties, it simply means that you’ve forgiven them and are moving on – leaving that sh*t in the dust. It will leave you lighter and with less health related issues. Check out the link between health and stress.

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Be Grateful

This is essential to creating miracles and a happier life. So many of us are distracted with TV, phones, media, addictions, and endless material things. When was the last time you looked around and said “Damn, I am so lucky to have all these wonderful things!”, “Thank you for all my beautiful blessings!”? The more grateful you are – the more abundant you become. This doesn’t just mean abundant with special gifts or things but abundant with contentment. Abundant with “I have and am enough.” Think about the weight of those words and what an incredible impact that mindset will have on your life.

Spend Time With You

Leave everyone else behind. Turn everything off and just sit. Be with yourself and perhaps practice yoga or meditation. Chill out. Try not to think – just breathe. Do this for as long as possible without distraction. Once you feel energized and centered, you can get up and get back to this life. Make time for this every day. It is essential for mental, physical, and spiritual health/connection.

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