How to Spend Your Long Weekend

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This is the first long weekend of the year and we are all a little excited. A little excited to remember what a break was from the daily grind. A little excited to relish in time off work and at play. A little excited to sleep in or wake up early and seize the day. The first long weekend of the year…how will you be spending it?

Time with the Kids

The whole family is off on Monday so why not just hang out? Don’t make any plans, simply pull out the lego, barbies, dress up, and Thomas train set for a day filled with play, fun, and childish adventure. Eat pancakes for dinner, and spaghetti for lunch. Turn your day upside down and stretch out of your comfort zone for a stress free day. Let the kids run free outside, and build snow men. You could go for a walk, bike ride (even in the cold) or enjoy the morning tobogganing. Perhaps you give the kids the reigns and let THEM decide how the day will unfold.

Family Time

This goes beyond the crazy kid time. Extend an invite to your family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa) for a lax Monday to hang out. Put on a group movie, go out for an event (like bowing) or just hang out and veg. Extending an invite to the family that is informal and laid back can really bond family members beyond the ‘fancy dinner’ party events. People tend to relax when watching a movie or just hanging out, without any expectation to get dressed up or make dinner. Order in and enjoy your family.


Book nothing. Clear your schedule. Enjoy the day doing absolutely nothing. Turn off your phone, computer and e-mails. Grab a book, a movie, a walk, a recipe, or nothing at all. Just be. Relax. Life puts such demands on us that we often find it difficult to ‘turn off’ and just be. Don’t distract yourself with mindless online media sites, shopping, or news. Enjoy the sunlight in your front room, clean the kitchen, cook a yummy meal, try a new hairstyle, paint your nails, rock an old CD, bathe the dog, sort through your closet, sit, do nothing, meditate, contemplate, do nothing, take a bath, whatever YOU want. Spend the day without structure, timelines or expectations. Be free wild one, be free.

The Perfect Bath 

Run a bath with the warmest water you can tolerate. Ensure to add your Epsom salt, bath scent or essential oils and light all your candles – if you haven’t already, even if it’s daytime! Get the music playing in the back ground. Turn overhead lights off and allow candlelight to fill the room.

When the tub is full and everything is set, get into the water. Submerge yourself into the water and feel your body tingle and warm-up as you lean back. Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Listen to the music. Smell the scents around you. Feel the water lapping against your skin. Remember to breathe.

Allow yourself to let go of the stress from life and truly clear your mind – this can be a very spiritual and rejuvenating experience. Engaging in this type of relaxation on a weekly basis can bring life and energy back to your body and mind. It is also a nice way to incorporate wonderful beauty remedies into your routine.

Stay in the water as long as you want, but do try to find a state of peace before you get out. It’s amazing how much energy this can actually pump back into your body.

When your relaxation bath is complete, head to the bathroom vanity. Pamper yourself. Equate Am Refreshing Facial Cleanser is a great way to start clearing your skin of unwanted impurities as well as dirt and oil. Apply a good face moisturizer like Equate Beauty Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion from for $3.98 (on sale from $12.98!) to keep your face hydrated and smooth.

Use a delicious body cream like Etos Aloe Jasmine to lather your skin in a rich body wash that will leave your smelling irresistibly yummy!  Now put on a very comfortable outfit and enjoy a good movie, book, cold drink or a very deep sleep. Whatever you choose, make sure it requires little to no energy and allows you to put your feet up.