Give Yourself a Full Makeover at Home!

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We are not suggesting that you go and spend hundreds on a new ‘you’. There are so many things you can do to give yourself a whole new look without breaking the bank. Some of these things cost nothing, while others can cost a bit more. Why would you want to give yourself a makeover? If you feel you need something new in your life and are bored with your current situation a makeover can revive the self-love back to your life. So here are the best ways to give yourself a makeover without breaking the bank.

Start Exercising

If you haven’t already, this is a great way to get fit for spring as well as helping to shed unwanted pounds. Exercising provides physical fitness but also brings a better complexion, brighter outlook on life, and creates feelings of happiness/ positivity. Exercising can be done in more subtle ways that hitting the gym. A brisk walk every evening will help you get started. Not only will you keep warm but you’ll also shed some pounds. Doing some sit-ups, crunches, weight lifting or leg lifting while watching TV is a great way to start toning other areas of your body without having to go anywhere. Keep up a good pace, focus on getting your reps done, and stick to it. By spring you’ll be grateful you did!

Get a Hair Cut

Sometimes we just need to cut our hair. Often times we fall into a funk and forget to try a new length, freshin’ up the ends or remove dead hair. This can leave us looking drab. It happens so subtly that we don’t always notice right away. Book a hair appointment for an updated cut and/or color and try to pick something practical but different. Don’t forget that hair always grows back. When you look in the mirror after a fresh cut, you’ll definitely feel like a new person!

Ditch Bad Habits

Spring is about birthing something new. Is about rebirth, growth, and fresh starts. Pick 1 or 2 bad habits you have, write them down, and make a conscious effort to stop these habits in their tracks. Remember it takes 21 days to turn a new activity into a habit. Keep it up now and by spring time you’ll have ditched your unattractive habits for new, better ones! Always evolve yourself and NEVER stop growing!

Get Some New Clothes

We aren’t talking hundreds of dollars in new clothes but spend a little on freshening up your wardrobe. Investing in good staple pieces will be a good investment for life – as long as you take care of your clothes. Don’t go for the usual stuff you always pick up but rather something unique, different, and different. If you always wear the same color, look for other colors in flattering styles. If you always wear certain pieces, look for alternatives that will still look good but upgrade your style. Save up some money for a few months and spend it when the weather turns warm and you can get some beautifully inspired pieces for the summer.

Find a New Makeup Look

We don’t mean finding more makeup to put on, we simply mean to find a new look that will change the way people have recognized you. Many people fall into a makeup look that is the same every day but by simply changing your lip colour can breathe a whole new vibe into your look. Try minimizing makeup and just add mascara, some concealer, and lip stick. Buy some bold eye shadow for days when you’re feeling sunny and bright. Just find a few simple looks that you like to incorporate into your life for little or no money at all.

Skin Care

Generally we have a skin care routine that works for us and we’ve been doing the same thing for a while. Try some new products for your skin that can improve its health and vitality. Up&up Revitalizing Body Wash ($3.92 on is great for the young and old because it hydrates skin, thus helping reduce the signs of premature aging. Hydrated skin does not wrinkle as easy so you want to focus on lots of water and hydration all year long.

For your face, Beauty 360 Illuminating Facial Cleanser ($5.24 on is great because it’s gentle on sensitive skin and cleans deep into the pores. Makeup can remain on your face even after washing, so be sure to use Studio35 Witch Hazel Toner/Cleanser to condition pores and ensure skin is clear and clean.

We hope you find your own unique ways to improve yourself this season! For more beauty tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.