Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays

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We all have those family members – the ones who always seem to be negative, grumpy, pessimistic, or just down right unpleasant to be around. Don’t think that because you’re in the same house that you’ll have to put up with their poor attitude. This time of year is full of love, light and joy and you can bring that atmosphere wherever you go regardless of the sourpusses surrounding you. Here are some tips for dealing with those family members.

Stay Positive

Despite this joyful time of year, there are always people who find something to complain about. Don’t let their ramblings about a crumby year affect your mood. Remember that everyone is on their own journey and you don’t have to go down that journey with them. Stay positive, happy and gleeful and I’m sure that negative family member will probably want to avoid you instead.

Distance Yourself

If they are trying to pull you into their drama, just step away from the situation. Go to another room, converse with other family members or just sit quietly somewhere to get away from them. Unfortunately some people need to suck the energy out of happy people because they don’t know how else to interact with them – so they want to bring you down to their level too.

Limit Contact

If you haavvvve to sit at the table for a meal with them, just choose a seat as far as possible. Have a few discussion ideas ready for the chatty ones in the group and focus on that. Negative people will tend to congregate towards each other so limit your contact and sit down on the other end!

Don’t Let Them Pull You Down

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Remember that even if you get stuck next to these people, they are simply suffering. Suffering for reasons you may never understand but you don’t really need to try and understand. Everyone has the choice to be happy or sad so don’t try to bring this person up with positive affirmations as they will likely shut you down and find a problem with your solution anyway. Just be polite and remind yourself that this is a happy time of year and step aside after the meal to get your energy levels back up from that negative encounter.

Surround Yourself with Positive Family Members

There are always very happy family members at these special holiday events. It’s hard not to be enlightened at this time of year because of all the happy thoughts going through everyone’s minds – and we are all part of a larger whole. So trust us, most people are feeling great and want to spread the love as much as possible. Find these people and celebrate with them!

Dress to Impress

We all know that some family member will ask you about that boyfriend who you are no longer with, that degree you never finished, or the job that never stuck but don’t let that get you down. Life is about so much more that events in our lives so politely explain (as brief as possible) that it didn’t work out and move on. Don’t let them try to bring up things about you to try and make you feel bad. Be sure and confident of who you are and KNOW that there will always be more opportunities for you in your life. You are not defined by your experiences! Dress the way you want and add a little something special to yourself that will show people you are in the holiday mood! Whether that be a beautiful hairstyle or new makeup look be sure to wear it proudly! This is the season to celebrate and be grateful for all the wonderful joys in our lives!!!

Care for Yourself First

Before and after the holidays can be very exhausting for people as they are usually trying to handle their daily lives (like work and kids) with extra holiday events. This is the time when we can become stressed, sick or even depressed. Don’t forget about your well-being first and foremost. Eat well, get lots of sleep, Vitamin C, and don’t leave very much to the last minute. Being prepared for the holidays can save you from becoming unwell. Always maintain healthy habits but very importantly be sure to pay attention to your skin. Cleanse with Equate Beauty AM Refreshing Facial Cleanser ( for $4.37) and condition your pores every night with Studio35 Witch Hazel Toner/Cleanser. Get it on for only $4.29.

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