8 Signs You Should Be With Him

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At one time or another, we all question where our heart really wants to be while some of us have already found the loves of our lives (lucky girls!). It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be with our current partner but sometimes you just wonder if things would be different with someone else. If you made the right choice or if there is in fact someone else out there for you. This is completely normal and frankly quite common for people to ponder about, as long as you don’t act on it while in a committed relationship. They are also all positive signs that we are ‘checking in with ourselves’ to see if we are still in check with our life and happy with our decisions. It would be strange not to think about these life questions every once in a while, wouldn’t it?

You Let Him In

Do you have that friend which just knows EVERYTHING about you? Has seen you at your worst, at your best and everything in between? Do you share intimate details about your life and heart with them that you wouldn’t dare tell another soul? Is this person of the opposite sex and not just a best friend? Perhaps you share even details that another would not possibly be interested in but seems to bring support and love into the situation, no matter the details?

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You Respect Him

You truly enjoy the essence of who he is. You don’t want to change him in the slightest even though his quirks drive you crazy. They seem tolerable. Even if it means wearing torn jeans to Sunday dinner, controlling the TV remote or forgetting to do the dishes – again! These are all easy to oversee because well, you just respect who he is.

You Want to Introduce Him to Your Parents

Even though there are things about him you cringe at, it’s all good because you STILL want to show him off. You want him to meet your parents so they can start to become familiar with him and you’re sure they’ll like him! Rather than feeling like you have to make excuses for him or pardon his behavior.

You Can Picture Your Future Together

You can see it now….ding ding…wedding bells! You don’t have to practice writing your name because it already sounds good together. Oh, and you’re not being crazy because you’ve known him long enough to have met his family and a friends a few times by now. This guy definitely doesn’t make it hard to picture your life together.

You Want to Work Out Major Differences

Even if you’re known as the ice queen at times, this guy seems to warm you up from the inside out. He is someone that you would make sacrifices for (reasonable ones of course) and you don’t mind making changes for the greater good of your relationship. You’ll maturely discuss the problem, work it out, and find a solution that suits both of you.

You Laugh Together

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Having a similar sense of humor is so important. Spending your time or life with someone who is sour as grapes can make your time here feel like eons. Make sure that you both find humor in similar things and can laugh often with one another. Oh, and if you can crack each other up too – than all the better!

You’re Incredibly Attracted to Him

Physical chemistry is an undeniably important ingredient in any healthy relationship. If you look at him and just feel compelled to be closer to him then you are off to a great start! If you can’t find attraction with him than he may be a very compatible, plutonic friend, unfortunately.

You Can Be Yourself Around Him

This can be a tricky one to pinpoint but if you truly feel like you can be silly, crazy and this guy joins in or totally jives with you than he’s a keeper! Being yourself is something that is priority because you can’t hide who you are from someone close very long. Eventually they will find out who or what you are. Even if you think no one will like you if you are yourself remind yourself of this. You are very lovable and kind. There is someone out there for everyone and you will find that person. Stay true to yourself.

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