6 Habits of Happy People You Need to Know

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Happy people can make others envious or even annoyed, not because they hate happiness, but because they wish they could be happier. Isn’t it funny that many of us distan being around really happy people? When deep down inside each and every one of us has a burning desire and ambition to be happy. Life has a funny way of showing itself to people but here are some things that you can start trying to improve your personal happiness and work up the satisfaction scale with LIFE.

Keep Happy People Around

Studies have proven that happiness is contagious. That means that when good vibes are going around because your friends won a small lottery or your neighbors inherited good fortune, those positive feelings are often imparted onto the people around them. You’ll always be able to find the happy people because they tend to congregate in social groups. This also rings true for unhappy people so make sure you know the difference!

Simplify Your Life

This sounds so easy but is truly one of the most difficult things – especially in North America – to actually do. So many times we hear “what have you been doing all day?”, or “that’s all you had to do?” while someone rattles off 15000 tasks they accomplished today. Forget about that – try to eliminate a few unnecessary tasks off your to-do list and sit in the backyard with a cup of tea enjoying nature around you and the sunshine. Perhaps you can get rid of some possessions which may be cluttering your space or making you feel scattered. Simplify whatever you can in your life. For some people this involves small changes, and for others it may involve massive, life changing events. Either way, remember to be mindful – meaning you are in the moment, appreciating whatever is in front of you and enjoying it. This is the essence of happiness.

Get Outside

Enjoy the outdoors for at least an hour a day if you can. Being in nature is an anti-depressant! Many people don’t have access to nature per se, but can easily get out into some type of natural setting and go for a walk or ride their bike. It is important to connect with nature especially when we are in a rapidly advancing technological society as it’s easy to disconnect from our true selves and forget who we are. Perhaps there is evidence of this going on now? Make time to appreciate the seasons, trees, flowers, water, and grass as these simple things can bring light into your life again.

Be Grateful

There are certain universal laws (law of attraction, law of reciprocity, law of polarity, etc.)– which cannot be changed or broken – that will simply respond to certain types of behaviour. If someone is having a really bad day or in a poor mood but can still find it within themselves to be grateful for their lives, they are usually rewarded with further blessings of abundance and joy. Believe us this is actually true! If people actually knew the POWER OF THEIR THOUGHTS THEY WOULD NEVER THINK A NEGATIVE THOUGHT AGAIN. You can change your life by simply re-wiring your brain to find the good in things – even when you may want to punch a hole in wall – to bring happiness and abundance into your life. Read more about these laws online. Practice this on a daily basis and it will become second nature to you. Be grateful.


This is not difficult at all. Anyone can do it and you may already be without even knowing it. This is simply sitting in a quiet space, concentrating on your breathing and clearing your mind of thoughts. This is also known as your EGO. This does not mean that you won’t have thoughts, this simply means that you will learn how to let your thoughts pass through your mind without judgement. You’ll be amazed at how much you will gain from this practice. Again, TONS of information on this online!

Be Good to Yourself

Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Know yourself. Love yourself. This may take a lifetime to accomplish but worth every effort. Being able to love yourself is so important for true happiness. Small acts of love can help you start the loving process. Treat yourself to special things. Indulge in events that will elevate your mood. Do things that you love. Stop letting TV, radio, social media, and society dictate who you are and what you should think. Be authentic and learn who you truly are by focusing on you. Forget all the rest for a while.

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