How to Fix Dry & Damaged Hair

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If you’re anything like me, your hair is not as healthy and shiny as you’d like it to be. Our hair goes through a lot and becomes very dry and lifeless looking as a consequence.

The good news is, there’s many things you can do that will restore your hair and make it look healthy again. Below I share some fantastic tips with you on how to go about fixing your dry hair. If you struggle with dryness, brittleness or breakage, read on!

Stop Over-washing

Your hair does not need to be washed every night, unless you suffer from an extremely oily scalp. Shampooing your hair everyday exacerbates dryness. If the thought of not washing your hair every day bothers you, consider just conditioning instead. You can scrub your roots with water and condition the ends.

Stay Away from Certain Products

Hair products such as hair spray, gel and mousse are filled with ingredients that dry out hair. If hairspray is an absolute staple in your beauty regime, try to at least give it a break when you can. Save the hairspray for special occasions or nights out.

Take Fish Oil Pills

Fish Oil pills are great for a number of things other than hair such as skin, weight loss, joints. Because fish oils contain Omega 3 fatty acids, they work well to lubricate hair and correct dryness.

Stay Away from Sulfates

Many cheaper brands of shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates which you should absolutely avoid at all costs if your hair is dry. Look for ingredients such as avocado, shea butter, olive oil or coconut oil instead. Try to look for shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain a laundry list of chemicals. One of my favorites is the CVS Coconut Milk Moisturizing Conditioner which can be purchased from your local CVS pharmacy for about $6. This product is both sulfate and paraben free.

Be Gentle

Be gentle in every way to your hair. Take extra care when brushing. If your hair is super tangled, consider using a leave in conditioner before tackling it with a hair or comb. If you brush your hair without care on the regular, you will end up with tons of split ends and your hair will feel dry. Also make sure you don’t wear headbands or elastics that are too tight.

Do Regular DIY Hair Masks

There are so many awesome hair masks that you can make at home using common ingredients you already have at your home. I love DIY masks because they are all natural and super savvy! Read more about DIY Hair Masks here or check our beauty vlog featuring a DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.

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