How to Determine Your Face Shape

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This is something that can help you break free from ill-fitting hair styles, glasses and even brow shapes. Knowing your face shape means you can look way better every time you make an important decision regarding your head/face. Here is the best – and easiest – way to determine your face shape.

First stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. Pull your hair back away from your face so that you can concentrate on the shape. Grab a tape measure, pen and paper. Take a look at the perimeter of your face and see if there are any obvious clues about your shape. This would include whether your face is longer than it is wide, is it narrow and long, is your jaw pointed or square, etc.

Next picture an imaginary line going across the widest part of your forehead. Now image a line going straight across your jaw line. Is one of these two wider than the other? Are they the same width? Now use the tape measure to get an accurate reading. Record your measurements and make a point of noticing your cheekbones. Are they prominent, or perhaps the widest part of your face? Make any notes on these observations as you’ll need them later.

Now measure the length of your face from your center hairline down to the tip of your chin. Record this measurement. Is your chin generally round, square, or pointy? Now you are ready to start making some important determinations.


The length of your face equals one and half times the width. Considered ideal – because it’s neither too wide or too long.

What Works Best:

Almost any look – play off your most prominent features since it’s hard to go wrong with this face shape. It is the most versatile of all shapes!


  • Short layers
  • Blunt cuts on thick or curly hair


Your face shape is almost as wide as it is long. Similar to an oval but shorter, often with a rounded jawline. Your probably look younger than your age.

What Looks Best:

  • Try cuts that fall just below the chin like the long bob hairstyle.
  • Soft, graduated layers are a great bet because they make your face appear slimmer and tend to remove bulk and weight from the sides.
  • Consider wispy and tapered ends. The wisps de-emphasize the roundness of your face.
  • When it comes to bangs, keep them long or side-swept.


  • One length haircuts such as the classic bob hairstyle.
  • Curls unless they are beyond the shoulder
  • Shorter hairstyles


Looks like an oval but has more length and less width. You might appear gaunt. However an oblong face can apply to all other face shapes (except for ROUND).

What Looks Best:

  • Brow skimming side swept bangs or blunt bangs.
  • Chin length bobs
  • Curls and waves


  • Very long hair
  • Pixie cuts


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Your hairline is of approximately the same as your jawline. Your face shape appears strong and angular. If your features are soft and rounded, you are likely a ‘round face shape’.

What Looks Best:

  • Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends, is gorgeous on a square face. You look great in shags.
  • You can also get away with super short, edgy cuts.
  • Long, sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline and continue downward are gorgeous on you.
  • Long bobs are an excellent choice.
  • You’ll look great in side-swept bangs.


  • One-length bob hairstyles
  • Wide, blunt bangs


You have a diamond face if you are widest at your cheekbones and your jawline and forehead are the same length (but still narrower than your cheeks).

The hairstyles that look great on you look great on square face shapes, so see the recommendations for them earlier in the slide show.

Heart Shaped

These face shapes are usually wider at the forhead and gently narrow down at the jawline. You may have a pointy chin. This shape is also known as the inverted triangle.

What Works Best:

  • Side-swept bangs
  • Brow-grazing fringe
  • Short Hair
  • Long hair with layers


  • Avoid short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers.

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