Tips for Managing Thick Hair

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Thick hair can leave any sane woman flustered and frustrated. Let’s talk about knots, frizz, wild hair days and not enough elastics on this planet for us! Thick hair is gorgeous, alluring, bold, and incredible and so much more but if you can’t get it under control, well than… you’re just another thick hair victim. Worry not, we have some great tips to help you manage your thick hair – on any day!

Be Patient

The best way to deal with thick hair is to be patient. Be patient for that moment when your hair succumbs to your wishes and behaves just as it should (or even a little bit). Blow it all dry before you leave the house on a humid day. Make sure it air dries first straight outta the shower (could take an hour or more) and once it’s completely air dried, tackle it with your dryer. Once it’s blown out, let it cool off and spray with a light hold spray. If necessary use something with a bit more oomph like Equate Beauty Extra Firm Hold Hair Spray from for $2.74. You’re ready to rock, girl!

Find the Right Tools

Sadly, this may take an entire adolescence to find, but once you do it will change your life. Steam brushes, curling irons, straighteners, brushes, combs, and dryers can literally change your hair life. It can make your styles more manageable, controlled, and functional. So we totally get it when a thick haired girl finds a tool she can’t live without. High-powered hair dryers can get slightly pricey but honestly may be just what you need. Also finding that perfect brush is essential for every day sanity and may take you an entire lifetime to find. Once you do, your life will be blissful and complete.


This is an important option to consider. Many times hair is just too think to do anything with. Many times thick haired girls get stuck in hair ruts because as it gets longer it get more difficult to manage. Find a stylist who also has thick hair and get her to use her thinning shears on you! If she isn’t a pro at using them get the name of the person who thinned her hair. This can literally make it possible for you to enjoy a pony tail again.

Find the Right Product!

Whatever you do, do not use the volumizing line of any product – unless you’re going for an afro look. Stick to products that help keep your hair straight and frizz-less. Beauty 360 Keratin Straightening Conditioner (on for $4.19) will benefit your hair by helping to smooth and strengthen hair for a straight, sleek finish. Another great product for frizz control is It’s a 10 Miracle leave In Conditioner from for $17.96. This spray will help control frizz while protect from heat damage and other unfavorable hair problems.

We hope you find the perfect way to control your beautiful hair so that you can truly enjoy the beauty of it. For more beauty tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.