How to Detox Your Hair

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Eventually we all realize that we’ve been a little hard on our hair, and start to look for ways to reverse the damage. Over coloring, bleaching, heating, frying, and suffocating our hair can leave it dry, brittle, dull, and damaged. Women spend so much to protect their skin but often forget that hair needs love too. After months and years of being on the chemically induced haircare bandwagon, some ladies reach the end of their rope in using damaging means to try and ‘fix’ common hair problems. So how can you start fresh and ‘detox’ your hair?

Lay Off the Heat

We are all guilt of using a few too many heat tools when styling our hair. We also turn up the heat a little too much when we are running late. This is when the most damage is done, when we are perfecting our styles right before we walk out the door. Always work in a thermal protectant. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner from is great for adding some protection when styling. If you have another heat protector use it every time you apply heat to your hair. Check out some heat-less hair styles that you can do for a few weeks while your hair takes a small break from constant heat damage.

Trim Your Ends

As you go through this process, be sure to trim your ends often. Removing damaged hair helps your hair to grow faster, and healthier. It also allows old hair to be removed which may have chemical build-up or is too damaged beyond repair. For curls, try wrapping slightly damp hair around large self-adhesive rollers, air dry, and remove. The result will be gorgeous smoothness with some natural bounce! You’ll get used to more natural looks as you get creative with your hair styles. This would be a great time to do a DIY Deep Conditioning Treatment to help revive your hair.

Add Moisture

When your hair is damaged it is often dried out beyond belief. Adding some nourishing essential oils can help your hair recover itself much quicker. The oils help to deliver much needed nutrients to the hair’s cuticle and protect vulnerable strands from stretching and snapping after washing. On a weekly basis, massage the treatment through dry hair, let dry for 15 minutes, then shampoo. You can use oils that contain chamomile (adds shine), coconut (to soften), geranium (to strengthen), and argan (to moisturize).


This helps your hair to ‘reset’ itself. To clarify hair you are stripping it of everything, including our own natural oils. This will help remove chemical build-up, as well as color from hair dye. When the strip is done, your hair will be in a much better place than it was before you started. This can be done with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Check out a good credible site online for complete details on how to clarify your hair. Improperly clarifying can actually lead to hair breakage, loss, and severe dryness on your scalp and hair.

Use Gentle Products

Try to avoid as many hair products as possible and focus on things like Beauty 360 Moroccan Argan Oil Renewing Conditioner from for $4.19 to help repair damaged hair. While your reducing your chemical and heat exposure you’ll find that Equate Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder may become your best friend since it acts as a dry shampoo. This will help your hair go an extra day without washing which also helps during this detox process.

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