How to Deal with Bad Hair Days

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The good, the bad and the ugly. We all go from one type of hair day to another. It’s just a fact of life sadly. You couldn’t possibly have great hair every day, than things would get boring, or even easy. Easy isn’t bad but easy can make us unappreciative and lazy so bad hair days have gotta show up every once in a while to help remind us that we need to be grateful for good hair days. The good news is that on those bad and ugly hair days, we have some fool-proof ways to get yourself looking good and out of the house in no time!


This is perfect for day-old hair or even second-day hair. If you wake up and just can’t seem to do anything, throw your hair up into a side braid or two cute braids down the side of your head. This helps to get rid of anything that didn’t seem to be going well for you that day. Take your bad hair day another step further and wet your hair slightly before you braid it. Braid the hair very tightly and secure firmly with a hair tie. Leave the braids in all day and night. Add some dry shampoo or baby powder like up&up Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Powder to the roots, tousle out your hair, spritz with some hairspray and you’re ready to rock day #2 of bad hair gone good!

Top Knot or Bun

When it just seems like nothing will fix your hair and you’re running behind on time, simply throw your hair up into a top knot or bun. These two styles have come a long way since the 90’s and frankly look adorable at the office. Grab some super-duper hair gel like CVS Strong Hold Hair Gel Clean Hold ( for $3.28) and slick ALL your hair back into a tight ponytail. Comb up all strays, fly aways, and baby hairs into your head and simply wrap your hair around the elastic band a few times. Play around with the look for the best version to fit your mood. Simple. Elegant. No Hassel.

Head Scarf

So things have not been going well for you today. Your hair is in a mood, and so are you. There is no reviving this mess of a scene so you’ll have to just stay home. Or maybe you can cover it up entirely without looking like you’re dressed for a winter blizzard in the middle of a spring day. Head scarves are life savers. If you don’t have one, get one. They may sit in your closet for a decade but one day, bam! You’ll need it – and it’ll be wonderful! Simply tie your hair into a low pony tail. Brush it out, add some hairspray or styling product (It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner) to keep it tamed and wrap your head in it baby. You can knot it on top, underneath or around back – gypsy style! Wear some fabulous earrings and you’re on your way, girl! There is no mountain high enough!

No matter what kind of day you’re having, there is always a solution. Remember to stay positive and get creative. Soon you’ll have a great hair day and be extra thankful to the hair gods. For more beauty tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.