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December 7, 2017 – Elizabeth

Image by L’Oreal

Are you wondering what you’ll wear for all your Christmas and holiday parties this year? Perhaps envisioning yourself in a gorgeous outfit, makeup done up and a killer hair style? We found some styles that will leave your guests dying to know who’s dat girl as soon as they step foot in the room. Check out our holiday party style ideas below.

Holiday Twist

When you may be running short for time, try this cute style to leave a classic, timeless feel to your look. Add some subtle volume at the crown and bring hair down into a loose, looped knot at the nape of the neck. Pin pieces around to tidy it up and secure it and ta-da! All done! You could also add some dazzled bobbies to add glitz and glitter.

French Braid Twist

Image by Pinterest

French braid down the sides of your head while bringing over some pieces from the other, tousled side and incorporate into the braid near the crown of your head. Continue braid downwards until you reach the nape of your neck where you’ll twist it into a beautiful bun. Pin where necessary, pull pieces and tuck others in with a few bobbies. Spray with Equate Beauty Fabulous Firm Volumizing Hairspray ( for $8.77) to finish look.

Baby Bun

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This one is so simple! Grab a small amount of hair at your crown, twist it into an adorable little bun and secure. Now take a curling iron to the rest of your hair and voila! Super adorable and so easy to do! Add some amazing texturizing spray like this literal MIRACLE product It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In-Conditioner from for $17.96.

Glitz It Up

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You can easily dress up a regular hair style with some awesome hair accessories like these adorable celestial hair pins. Simply add them throughout your hair in an adorable fashion like in this picture and wear something to compliment it and make it pop. Depending on the accessory you may want to tone down the style so that they aren’t competing with each other. This is elegant and fun.

Slicked Back

Some women love this look because it really brings attention to your face and features. If your makeup is going to be your main feature, try wetting hair and pulling back into a tight pony tail right at the height of your crown. Use something like CVS Extreme Hold Hair Gel Maximum Strength on ot make sure your hair doesn’t move an inch! The truth is in its name and you’ll absolutely love it!


We hope you were able to find a fantastic hair style for your holiday parties this season. For more beauty tip & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.