Hair Hacks to Get You Out The Door

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Having a rough morning? Perhaps every morning is that way for you? We all have this idea of how we will get up earlier and have time to do our hair, finish an amazing makeup look, or perhaps even work out!!??! Well now you don’t need to feel bad when you wake up late with a screaming alarm clock, pounding heart, and barely working brain. We can save you time with these simple hair hacks that will get you out the door in no time.

No Time to Wash Your Hair?

Try to get a quick shower to at least wash your body and leave your hair out of it. Simply brush out your strands, add some Up&Up Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Powder to your roots, tussle throughout with your finger tips and voila, grease-be-gone! Now you can quickly throw your hair up in a ponytail, messy bun, side braid or whatever to get onto your next morning task.

Make Bobby Pins Stick

Ever been driven to insanity with a bobby pin that just won’t stay? Nothing is more annoying that having your style come out 100 times throughout the day. Rather than fight with the thing, just add some hairspray and dry shampoo to them so that they stay put. Simply place your pins on a paper towel, spray with Equate Beauty Extra Firm Hold Hair Spray ( for $2.74), add some dry shampoo if you have it, shake around in the paper towel to spread goodness, and voila! Add to your hair for all-day wear.

Get Curls Quick

Put hair up in a high pony tail and secure tightly. Flip your head upside down and split ponytail into 2 bunches. Take one bunch (you may need to separate into more bunches if you have thick or wavy hair) and place it in your curling wand. Quickly add some curl, spray with hairspray and continue with the rest of your hair. Once you’ve added some curls, flip your head upright and fix any wild hairs. Give another spray and you’re ready to go.

Have Static?

This can be so annoying. Usually spraying a little water on your hair does the trick but we can’t always do that. Place a dryer sheet on your hairbrush (with bristles poking through) and brush through your hair a few times. This will help get rid of static so you can start your day.

A great product to have around your house is Equate Beauty It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner from for only $17.96. This amazing product can help with so many hair issues like:

  • Repairs dry, damaged hair
  • Add shine, smooth’s and controls frizz
  • Seals and protects hair colour
  • Detangles and prevents split ends
  • And so much more!

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