Growing Out a Pixie & Other Short Styles

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So you’ve decided a pixie isn’t really for you, huh? Well it’s not a problem but it will definitely take some time. This can be the most adventurous few months you’ve had in a very long time – at least since you first gave yourself the pixie! Find awesome ways to transition your hair so it doesn’t look like your trying to grow out your pixie and more like you meant it to be that way.

Looking Like a Mushroom

Fix: Rather than looking like a mushroom as your hair starts to out-grow the bob, grab a razor and thin out some hair on the bottom into layers. You can also add in some choppy layers to help transition more stylishly – this will prolong the time it takes to grow your hair out.

Growing Out Blunt Bangs

First let them get to the length that they are too long to be ‘bangs’ but too short to really fit into your layers. At this pivotal point you can’t really style them anymore without having some short hairs fly out or looking a little bulky around your head. So here is what we suggest, first thin out the bottoms, again with a razor, so that they aren’t really blunt at all anymore. The hair will transition nicely from shorter to longer and as the bangs grow you can trim your shortest hair layers until they are more uniform with the rest of your style. Try parting bangs as well as your hair down the middle and bring them to the sides of your face. A curling wand and some Equate Beauty Fabulous Hair Firm Volumizing Hairspray( for $8.77) will be necessary to help keep the hair in place.


This is a weird phase but not a hopeless one! Curling hair this length is so cute and can bring a lot of style and trend into any look. Get into the habit of sleeping in foam rollers with hair curled away from your face, or by using a curling iron. Spritz with hairspray and scrunch for a loose, bouncy effect.

Just Above the Chin State of Affairs

Turn a strange length into a cute style! Slick back one side with Beauty 360 Extreme Hold Hair Gel Maximum Strength on for $3.28, and add structured waves to the other. With a little patience and effort you can go from a pixie to bob gracefully.

Get creative with your hair using colors, accessories and various style ideas. A great one for hair that is almost outgrown from a bob would be a cute hair band over side parted hair, and straight length in the back. It’s sophisticated and cute for just about any occasion and is one more idea for your step into length and out of pixie land.

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This is also a wonderful time to help your hair renew itself from possible damage in the past. Try something like Beauty 360 Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner to help straighten the cuticle without the use of heat or styling products. Grab it on for $4.19 today.

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