Hair Tips for Prom Night

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These are some great tips to take with you if you are doing your hair yourself for the big event! Not everyone needs to go to a salon to get their hair done when incredible styles can be accomplished right at home. Read these ahead of time so that you can remember them when the big day arrives. Remember, your hair will look BOSS, and if something doesn’t go to plan, just use your creative skills and modify the style. You go girl!

Tips to Take With You

  • For extra volume, use your fingers to gently rub a few spritz of dry shampoo into your roots. Even if your hair is clean. This is a great way to lift hair by banishing oil that can make your strands too heavy. Try Equate Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder from Baby powder works as a dry shampoo for those of you who do not know!
  • If you have finer hair, spray the roots after teasing with a light finishing spray at the roots. This helps strengthen hair before brushing down. You could also use a holding spray as well.
  • For even fuller hair, use a coarse or boar’s hair 1 inch brush to lightly tease your roots. Do it until your hair is ‘standing up’, then gently smooth down with a boars bristle paddle brush.
  • To prep your hair before adding full waves or curls, apply some styling cream first. This stuff helps hold the style AND smells great. When you are done curling, add some Equate Beauty Extra Firm Hold Hair Sprayfor $2.74 on
  • Bring along your hair accessories to the salon for them to help place it for you. They’ll know where to put it and how to secure it so it doesn’t fall out during the night.
  • If you’re getting an updo, arrive at your appointment with day-old hair so the natural oils can help mold it into place.
  • Avoid huge hair color changes right before the big day! Meaning no blonde to black or anything that drastic just in case it doesn’t look good and you run out of time to fix it.
  • Maintain good hair care by deep conditioning a few weeks prior to prom and reducing heat application for best hair on the day. Heat can damage hair, leaving it brittle and broken. Try using a renewing conditioner to breathe life back into your locks like Beauty 360 Moroccan Argan Oil Renewing Conditioner from for $4.49.
  • If you are going to a salon, make your appointment early (since they will be super busy around prom time!). Schedule a ‘practice’ session so that you both can make sure your hair will be perfect and exactly as you like.

We’re sure your entire day will go exactly as planned and you’ll love the way you look for your prom night! We wish you a safe and exciting prom night, ladies!

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