Guide to Healthier Hair

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I don’t know about you but after the loooooong harsh winter, my hair is begging for some luvin’. Not to mention, my skin too. As the years go on, I notice more fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

To combat this I use Equate Beauty Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum for $15.62 on rollback at In terms of my hair, I have not done much to it since last summer – and it shows. I have broken ends, dull color, dry strands, and it just feels like it needs something more. So, take a look below for easy ways to get healthier hair right now! 

Use a DIY Hair Mask

This hair mask helps to repair damaged hair and is deep conditioning. This DIY mask requires two ingredients – coconut oil and honey. Here is how to make it at home:


·         1 tbsp Honey

·         4 tbsp Coconut oil


·         Pour honey and coconut oil in a pan and heat it on a stove top until both           are melted.

·         Allow the mixture to be cooled to touch and then apply on the dry hair,               split ends and scalp

·         Massage with your fingers gently and leave your hair for 15-20 minutes

·         Wash your hair with a mild shampoo

Get a Trim

Going to a hair salon can be expensive for your budget. The good news for those of you in this boat is that hair schools usually offer trims for a fraction of the price. And it’s hard to mess up a trim. It’s good to splurge for something a few times per year to help revive your hair from the dead – and spring is one of those times! So book an appointment to have those dead ends cut off, or perhaps opt for a new do all together. After all, spring is about fresh and new beginnings.

Color Your Locks

Some women are amazing at keeping up their color. You’ll never find them with roots or color fading locks unless you catch them on the way to the salon! Then there are people who have a very busy schedule at home and can’t seem to keep their hair out of a pony tail, let alone keep up the color. So try coloring your hair at home. It’s easier to accomplish versus trucking your way to a salon, and you save lots of money! Choose a good quality brand of color which will last. Using color treated shampoo and conditioner helps to maintain the rich hues and minimize fading. Try Renewal Shampoo, Sulfate-Free Color Protect Moisturizing Shampoo by Renewal for $4.99 found at  It makes a huge difference in your appearance AND may even tempt you to try a new hairstyle rather than the old frumpy pony tail.

Drink Lots of Water

This is the best tip of them all. After all – it’s free. Water is incredible for hydrating your body and this includes your luscious locks! Drinking water not only promotes healthy scalp and hair but it also reduces any itch or dryness you may be experiencing. This tip will serve two vital purposes: firstly, water consumption will make your hair naturally healthier and; secondly, will hydrate your scalp and promote hair growth. Besides ALL the other benefits of drinking water, this is a great way to promote beautiful, shiny hair for the spring and summer time!

Now you feel like a new, sexy woman ready to take on the world! It’s incredible how a simple refresh to your look can change the way you feel about yourself. Perhaps this will encourage you to pull out the little black dress and set a date for a sexy night out.

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