First Date Night Tips – Proven to Work!

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There are so many feelings wrapped up around going on first dates, especially when you are getting into your 30s or 40s because the narrative changes. It tends to carry a little more seriousness and less care-free attitudes which can cause some anxiety, nervousness, and worry. These feelings are usually experienced at every age but there are some great tips you can take away from some researchers at Stanford University who analyzed nearly 1000 four-minute speed-dating pair-ups to figure out what factors determined whether a couple felt a spark or not. The recorded conversations, asked participants to answer some questions and then reviewed loads of data. Here is what they concluded:

Women are Usually Pickier than Men

The power is (mostly) in your hands. Women tend to be far more selective with men when dating than men are with women. Women tended to agree to a second date with far less frequency than men did which means you can relax and know that it’s more about you deciding about going out with someone special again rather than the other way around.

Tone Changes Indicate Interest

When researchers reviewed the data they noticed that when tone and pitch were varied throughout a conversation, it correlated with romantic interest. “It signals excitement”. When speaking to someone in a monotone, slow pace it makes the other person feel a sense of distance and awkwardness. Depending how things are going for you during the date, you can keep this in mind if you want to send a different vibe.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

When participants were allowed to let the conversation flow naturally, they tended to feel more connected. Once too many questions were raised people began to feel like the conversation was being forced and they were looking to fill in the gaps of time. So keep this in mind when you talking with someone. Ask open ended questions only if there is a place for it but otherwise let things go naturally and let natural curiosity lead the way for question asking.

Interrupting is Good?

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Amazingly women tended to be more interested in a guy who jumped in mid-way during a story. Only when they were agreeing with her or finishing her sentences. Not when they brought the conversation back to themselves. This type of engagement made both parties feel like they were sharing a story rather than listening to someone ramble on about themselves. This also proves that someone is genuinely listening to you and engaged in you.

Empathetic Guys Scored Big Time

When a man chimed in to a story with supportive statements about something positive in a woman’s life (“Sounds great”, “That’s really cool,” “amazing”) they scored huge with the ladies. Conversly when they responded with sympathy to a tough situation (“Oh no”, “that’s weird” “that sucks”) the same was true. Empathy is important to everyone whether they realize it or not. It shows that you care and support someone through the good and bad.

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