Fall Hair Colors That Will Warm More Than Your Heart

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This season is incredible! Beautiful changing leaves, wonderful vegetables and seasonal fruits warming our homes, comfortable sweaters, cooler days, setting sun, warm apple cider with the leaves blowing around in the back ground. Ahhhh, autumn is finally here. This is the time when you can warm up your faded-sun-tanned skin with delicious rich colors that will surely warm up more than your heart.

As you transition into fall, incorporate some summer feelings into your color choices to really get a naturally beautiful look.

Ruby or Deep Red

This color is perfect for fall (think changing trees and stunning fall flowers) and it already trending for 2017! Red is beautiful and can really be striking and warm if done right. You can lighten the color a little to soften the look or go full ruby all the way. Whatever your style, we love this one for fall time! Another option would be to take a red tone to the cooler side and add some other red tones as high lights. Find a great color expect to get this one done right, or try yourself for a fun experience.

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Spiced Espresso

This is a toned down version of black and toned up version of dark brown. You really get the best of both worlds here. A dark espresso can be accentuated with warm hints of caramel and chocolate.  It also looks fantastic on medium skin tones! Find a great colorist to get the look you want and someone able to bring your hair to the right hue before adding this color in. To help protect your color during styling use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner from Walmart.com for $17.96.

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This color is always a hit in the fall time likely because of its alluring summer and autumn attributes. This color is a cross between blonde and brunette and is one of the hottest shades this season! You can get this look by darkening your roots, then adding low lights with a toner. Then you highlight with honey brown or a similar color. It’s nice because the deeper root color anchors the look while the softer highlights make everything pop and look softer.

Try making this color pop by straightening your strands with a flat iron and then pulling it into a sleek pony tail. This will show some light and dark colors while they peep through. Such a cute way to accent a sweet fall outfit. Try Beauty 360 Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo & Conditioner from cvs.com! These products help your cuticles to lay down, creating smoother, and shiner hair! Get it for only $5.99 today.

However you choose to color your hair is totally up to you but be sure to protect it with color treatments and shampoos that preserve your color, not wash it out. Always deep condition your strands to keep it healthy and vital during all your adventurous hair escapades and remember that dry shampoo can be your best friend! You don’t want to over wash you hair right after you get it colored so utilize some second or even third day hairstyles to get your color to go the distance. Grab some Equate Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder from Walmart.com for $2.96 and soak up those oils baby! If you can go 3-4 days the color will look even better! Check out the Savvy Beauty for tons of hair styles tips and tricks today.