Elevate Your Mood & Beat the Winter Blues

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We are right in the thick of the winter and ya’ll can feel it. It’s in your bones, constantly reminding you that summer days are long gone and the winter hold is here to stay. Not to mention we’ve received more snow this year than years past, so this can be a bit of a hard year for some. Good news is that you can turn this dreary thought into a great one! You can still have a fantastic time during this season so that you aren’t miserably longing for the dog days of summer, but rather living your life to the fullest, no matter the weather! Here is how to lift your spirits, smile all day, and embrace the gifts that life is offering you – TODAY.

Treat Yourself

We know that Christmas just passed and the bank account may be a little rough but you can’t avoid treating yourself to something special when you need the ‘pick-me-up’ the most. Splurge on some cute winter clothes, schedule a spa day, get a haircut or just go out for dinner with someone. Whatever your mood-booster is – do it! Spend the time and money to keep your spirit rising high in the sky during these rough times. Remember, this is just a treat – not a habit we are encouraging you to take up regularly.


Get outside and shovel the driveway, go for a walk, take up snow shoeing or just hit the gym. Exercise will elevate your mood and help bring some happiness into your life again! It’s a known fact that physical activities can make us feel happy and more relaxed so get movin’! Walk the kids to school (bundled up of course) or just go out and make a snowman. Whatever suits your fancy, girl. You may need a hot bath afterwards so don’t forget to use Revitalizing Body Wash by Up&Up to relax, hydrate and cleanse your body head to toe! Get it today at Target! You should also make sure to have a really good facial cleansing routine in place for the dry, cold weather. Equate Beauty Am Refreshing Facial Cleanserwill not only scrub down into your pores, but it will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Get it on Walmart.com for only $4.37.

Spend Time with Friends

We are all feeling the same this time of year – trust us. Schedule a nice dinner date with a good friend and let go of some winter frustrations. Let loose and have fun while you can. We all know that when the temps plummet again we’ll be wrapped in an electric blanket on our couch for days on end! Friends can help you feel connected, like you belong, and lift your spirits. Don’t pass up an opportunity with a friend to catch up and enjoy yourselves. Try Etos Shower Cream Cucumber Green Tea before you go out and enjoy the wonderfully subtle scent all night long while reminiscing with an old friend. Get it on Instacart!

Get Sun

Whoever planned a trip at this time of year is an absolute genius! It’s like they know how depressing this time of year can be for everyone. Go out and try to find some last minute deals to an all-inclusive resort for some much needed R&R. Trips can run a few hundred bucks but are well worth the sun, fun, relaxation, and break from old man winter. Check out deals online, you can find one just about anywhere.

Listen To Music

Music can lighten the heart, change your mood, and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud all at the same time! Put on a great playlist and enjoy a hot, home cooked meal. Sing along, get up and dance or do whatever you feel like doing at the time. This will immediately lift your spirits (as long as you don’t play depressing, emotional, low vibrational songs!) and take you to another dimension! Love what you’re listening to and get into the flow. Before you know it you’ll be singing your heart out.


Laugh until you cry if you can. Meet a good friend, watch a funny movie, freshen up your jokes, or just simply laugh. Laughing improves immune function (bonus!) as well as instantly elevates and improves poor moods. Laughter is the best medicine after all.