Best Colors for Pale & Fair Skin Tones

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Some of us just can’t get a tan or hold any color. Some of us go from white – to red when exposed to sunlight. Since tanned skin has become the ‘norm’ and frankly is quite popular among the general public it’s hard to embrace pale skin and flatter it the way we know you can! Don’t fret about not having dark skin, love the fact that your skin is milky, pure, and gorgeous with these simple color tips we have for all the girls out there with pale or fair skin tones!

Soft Colored Lips

Be sure to test your lipstick before bringing it home. Tanned and olive skin ladies can definitely pull off blood red lips on the regular but let’s be real – pale skin gals can’t. It looks stark and sometimes scary. Try to stick to colors which are softer like sandy pinks, rosy pinks and soft apricots. It will compliment your skin as well as your lips, bringing out the best in both.

Cool Eye Shadow Shades

Again, going with bolder colors is something you want to minimize if possible and focus on cooler, natural shades for your skin tone. Pale, neutral colors actually look amazing on pale skin. Opt for grey hues, cool browns, champagne, and soft pinks to really make your eyes pop!


Having pale skin can be challenging at times but trust us, blush is a pale girls’ best friend! As much as it will help out your skin tone, you don’t want to overdo it. Keep it natural with colors similar to the lip and eye shadow shades. Go for soft pinks, light apricots, rosy pinks, etc. to accentuate your beautiful cheek bones and add some color to your porcelain skin.

Mascara and Eye Liner

You can use black for both the mascara and eye liner since it creates a dramatic effect, but doesn’t necessarily clash with anyone’s skin tone. As long as you’re not drawing thick lines around your eyes, you’ll be fine with using black. It will actually make your eyes pop, bringing more attention to your eye color and shape. This is why flattering shadow color is important, especially when you use statement colors like black to outline.

Colors to Avoid

Bright blues, pinks, and browns around the eyes can drain any color you naturally have in your cheeks. Also be sure to avoid yellowish tones since it can really wash out your skin. The best suggestion we have for pale skinned gals is to choose colors which work with your skin tone pallet. There are lots of resources online that can guide you in the right direction, just take some time and find the incredible color combinations that will flatter your skin tone.

Powder and Bronzer

We suggest avoiding powder if you can and opting for a tinted moisturizer or even a BB cream. Just be careful not to venture too far away from your natural skin tone as you may end up looking orange and too made up. Lighter skin tones look best with minimal makeup anyway so start focusing on great skin care so that you can embrace your natural skin tone and rock your bad a$$ self – ‘au naturel’!

Skin Care

Be sure to thoroughly care for your skin every morning and every night. Try a gentle cleansing lotion like Beauty 360 Illuminating Facial Cleanser, available on for $6.99, which uses the rich benefits of soy to help even out your skin tone and texture. This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use. Apply the cleanser with a soft facial cloth to get a light exfoliation at least once a day.

Keeping your skin moisturized is very important and can be achieved with Equate Beauty Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel, on for $4.70, to help enhance the skin’s natural moisture barrier and providing all day moisture.

Lastly, take care of your beautiful skin with Kroger Nourish Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Wash, available in-store at Kroger to help maintain skins pH balance and nourish deep into your pores. Caring for your whole body will help illuminate your skin, bringing out your natural beauty and healthy skin texture.

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