Best Baby Products for Spring

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When looking for kids products we look for things that will make our jobs as parents easier, as well as making our kids’ lives more enjoyable during some otherwise boring tasks. Finding products that are 2-in-1 or tear-free are huge bonuses for both parents and kids. Also detanglers are huge for girls and boys alike since this season brings on outdoor play and lots of energized running around. Looking at some of our favorite, affordable products this season, we were able to successfully narrow down our top 5 kids products for this season.

Equate Baby Advanced Healing Ointment

This petrolatum skin protectant is necessary when diapers are part of the equation. Diaper rash is so common among little ones, especially during the warmer months when we may not be inside, conveniently beside a change station to ensure our kids stay dry. Maintaining regular diaper changes, as well as using baby powder and ointment can make yours and your children’s lives much more comfortable. ($4.48 on

Parent’s Choice Tear Free Baby Wash & Shampoo

This bath time companion is great for all kids because of its gentle formula. This wash is gentle enough for newborn skin and is also hypoallergenic. Finding a good bedtime wash is important because you don’t want to spend a fortune on over-priced products that do the same job. This wash is a great addition to any household and makes for a perfect gift for someone expecting their first, second, or even third child! Get it for $2.56 on

Equate Kid’s Detangler

If you don’t own detangler, get to the store right now and get your family some. This stuff makes brushing through kid’s hair a breeze! Have you ever looked at your kid’s hair when they get out of the pool? Perfect for shower, bath, pool, water play and so much more. You can detangle dry or wet hair so just pick some up and see what all the detangler fuss is about!

Parent’s Choice Lanolin Balm

So we are in this territory… this is a tough place to be at first. Breastfeeding is a huge undertaking to begin with, but throw in some sore, cracked nipples and you have the recipe for major adult melt downs. Finding ways to make your breastfeeding journey easier is essential for it’s success. Getting soothing breast pads, comfortable shirts/bras, nipple creams, pumps, and all that jazz will help you manage the discomfort associated with the early stages of breastfeeding. Make a new mom smile and show up with some of this stuff. I’m sure she will use AND appreciate the gesture. After all some women don’t even know these types of things exit. Even better, put it together in a ‘baby shower’ bundle with all these other affordable products to give them the best start possible!

CVS Health Baby Lotion

Soothing a baby comes in many forms. One of the most effective ways to sooth an upset, overtired baby is a nice warm bath followed by a gentle baby massage. Using a lotion suitable for newborn skin will leave them feeling calm and relaxed without any over powering scents or chemicals that will irritate their sensitive skin. Start on their chests and arms and slowly move your way down to the toes for a truly enjoyable baby massage! Get it for $3.89 on

There are lots of products on the market but at The Savvy Beauty, we like to find the best and most affordable products for you and your family.

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