4 All Natural Ways to Remove Facial Redness

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By: Charleigh H.

September 6, 2015 – Whether you suffer from chronic facial redness due to #rosacea, dry skin, #acne, or experience temporary redness breakouts – finding a facial soother can be challenging!  Redness not only gives your skin an unhealthy blotchy look but can make you appear tired and unhealthy.  Use these #beautyhacks to help get rid of redness for good!

#Cucumber – #Cucumbers are my favorite vegetable!  They have many healthy applications: a great alternative to bread when you want a crispy snack to couple with cheese or jam, a detox ingredient to add to water, a healthy and inexpensive veg, and a key ingredient in all-natural facial masks.  Cucumbers are mainly made up of #water so they feel amazing once you have come home from the sun or been outside for a long time.

Follow these steps when making your cucumber #facial mask:

  1. Leave your cucumber in the refrigerator for a few hours to ensure that it is chilled.
  2. Wash your face with a mild #cleanser.  Nothing that has abrasive beads.  I recommend using the #Equate Mild Facial Soap.  It is a #Clinique #dupe that you can purchase at #Walmart for $7.96.  Click here to buy!
  3. Remove any surface dirt or left over makeup with a toner.  Use the Equate Clarifying #Toner from Walmart for $8.96.  Click here to buy now!
  4. Wash the chilled cucumber with soap and water to make sure that the cucumber is clean for when you apply to your face.
  5. Use a blender or a grater to shred the cucumber to pieces.  Remember to keep the peel on – most of the nutrients are in the skin.
  6. Once that is grated apply the mixture onto your skin.
  7. Slice two pieces and rest those pieces onto your eyes.
  8. Leave the mixtures and slices on your face for 30 minutes.
  9. Rinse your face with cold water.
  10. Apply a light facial moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Apply the Equate Beauty Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion that can be purchased at Walmart for $9.96.  Click here to buy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Change Your #Diet – You are, what you eat! Avoid foods that fuel fire internally and raise your body temperature.  Choose foods and drinks that help cool you down and avoid foods that heat you up.  Drink water, by drinking 7 glasses of water per day – it will help cool you down and keep you hydrated so that your skin is not dry (and thus does not appear as red).  Cucumbers, melon, coconut, celery, spinach are examples of foods that help cool you down.  Avoid coffee, teas, hot sauce, and alcohol.  Smoking also increases your heart rate and makes you hotter – another good reason to kick the habit.  If you want to supplement your diet try probiotics and/or fish oils.

    Colloidal Oatmeal Masks – Colloidal oatmeal is a fancy word for broken or pulverized oatmeal flakes.  Applying this type of oatmeal to your face helps to absorb oils, moisturizes, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    In a bowl, mix oatmeal and room temperature water to create a sludge.  Apply the mixture onto your #face and lay down for 10 minutes.  Amplify this skin mask with more hydration by applying two cucumbers over your eyes.  You can apply this face mask up to 4 times per week.

    Facial Cold Press Teas – #Teas that are rich in polyphenols which have many #health benefits. Three teas that I think are great for facial cold presses are peppermint, green, and chamomile.  They are aromatic and really good for you!

    At the beginning of each week, I make a batch of water and tea that I then store in the refrigerator. Steep the tea in water for about ten minutes.  I keep this chilled mixture in a container and three times a week immediately when I get up I dash straight to the fridge.  I bring a clean washcloth and soak the washcloth into the cold tea water.   Depending on how much time I have, I leave the damp towel on my face from one to five minutes.  After, I go about my regular morning regime.

    Facial redness is annoying but do not let it get you down!  Just use good products on your face and follow these easy #diy facial routines.

Stay lively ladies!

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