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Whether you are a brand new, first time mom, or having a second baby after a few years we all know that feeling of not knowing what to expect. Every child is different. Every situation is different and it’s hard to know what to expect when there are so many factors at play. Here are a few tips for moms that can help you get through the first through months after birth

When Your Helpers Get Back to Their Life

Eeek! Your partner is back to work and your mother just jumped on her flight back home and now it’s just you and the baby. Everything seemed fine when they were home but now you may be drawing a blank at how to ‘mom’. Start with a schedule. Eat, play, diaper changes, nap, walk around the block. The simpler the better until you both find your groove and timing. Sometimes babies nap twice per day while other times they only nap once. Get your schedule down and don’t over book your time. You also don’t want to be too far from home if your breastfeeding or need to change a messy diaper. Relish your nap time, cuddles and quiet time because before your long your little baby will grow into a never-ending energizer bunny.


This is not as simple as many think. If you are new to it be sure to know all you can before jumping in. You really want to be prepared for the reality of breastfeeding. It can be quite difficult at first so get in touch with a lactation consultant and find support through family and friends before the baby is born. You may be making some mid-night phone calls for support when your new born won’t latch or you can’t handle the discomfort any longer. Don’t worry, all these things will pass and breastfeeding will be one of the best decisions you made for your little one.

Your Body Changes

Your body is different. When you were pregnant you could kind of indulge in foods that you usually wouldn’t. Well now you have a sagging tummy, extra skin, some pounds to shed, some discomfort from birth, and sore breasts from breastfeeding. Not to mention your hormones are all out of whack. These things are all normal and while your body regulates itself to these new changes – be patient and forgiving of yourself! Don’t think that it’s normal to look like a Hollywood star and lose all your baby weight within a month! It’s not healthy, nor possible. Take your time with your body and mind so that YOUR baby’s needs are met, then yours. This process can take over a year and that is normal.

You Are The Same Person You Were – Just Enhanced!

Don’t forget that you are still Kathy. Or Carly, or Trista or Becky, or Sarah. Just because you had a baby and your days are really different than they once were doesn’t mean that you are different. It just means that this time in your life is new and exciting. As everything else in life, this phase too shall pass and before you know it your kids will be growing up, not needing you at all. Remember this is an essential time in their lives to feel loved, secure, comforted, supported, cared for, and understood. Although you may have some feelings of discontentment at times, it is important to remember that this time is integral for your child to learn. Be supportive, be understanding and just know that soon enough you’ll be back at work complaining of the hours, your co-workers and longing to be at home with your little ones as you watch them grow before your eyes. Don’t lose the opportunity to be grateful for this wonderful time. You have a lifetime to get back to your old routines in life. Your children will only be with you for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things.

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