Tips for Calming a Child’s Tantrum

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We’ve all been there, a screaming child in our favorite department store, restaurant or movie theater. It can be so frustrating because we don’t understand why this child is doing this to us – right now! Why don’t they have better manners? How did they get so spoiled? Why are they getting louder? Why now!!!! We as parents ask ourselves these questions in our mind but can’t seem to figure it out. We start labeling the child (whether it’s our or someone else’s): brat, spoiled, undisciplined, difficult, unloved, entitled, etc. etc. etc. What we aren’t realizing is the reason for these behaviors and how we can handle them kindly, lovingly, and without ripping our hair out. How? We have some great tips for you! Please remember that all children are different, and may or may not respond to each tip.

Keep Calm

In moments of full blown melt downs the best thing to do is to stay calm, breathe deeply, and collect your screaming child off the ground – then leave. What children LOVE is to get a reaction from their parents and others. They don’t care if it’s positive or negative. They just want the reactions. So, don’t bother negotiating or trying to ‘discuss’ anything with them. Simply collect them up in your arms and begin walking out of the store, leaving everything behind. Don’t try to force them into co-operation so you can quickly pay. Just leave. This will make them scream even louder but once they know mom and dad aren’t messing around, they will try to behave better next time. Take deep breathes and don’t say a word while they are engaged in a tantrum. Save the conversation for later when they are calm. Come back another time to get your shopping done.

Schedule ‘Child-Led’ Exploration Time

Generally we live in a state of busy-ness and a rushed lifestyle. We often don’t take time with our children to walk the long way, stop to ‘smell the flowers’ or allow them to doddle. These are essential parts of growing up. A child doesn’t understand your timelines or why things need to get done right now. What they understand is that they are going somewhere to do something. Understanding that children need time to doddle is an essential part of parenting, and can lessen the incidences of tantrums during in-and-out visits because they are being allowed to explore at other times throughout the day. Make time for unstructured, child-led time during the day and remind them that you have a task later in the day that will require their co-operation. Many children will behave better because firstly, they’ve been told in advance about their expectations and secondly, they we able to explore another environment earlier in the day.

Learn To Talk With Your Child

From a very young age children understand a lot more than we give them credit for. They know how we are feeling and what we are thinking by simply reading our body language and tones. Speak without speaking. Unspoken communication is occurring at every second between yourself and your child. Be aware of that. Educate yourself on areas where you can improve your parenting and have a healthier relationship with your child. Resources are everywhere. Sometimes kids feel they are being dragged around or that their needs aren’t being met because a parents’ busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for it. Talk to your child and ask them what can be done to help them control their emotions, help them alleviate excess energy, and when to get tasks done. They will appreciate your consideration and definitely try to appease your joint-agreement.

Calming Bath Time

Kids love water. If you have a child who is having a really hard time keeping it together, or who may be over-tired, try calming them with a nice bath. Bath time is usually enjoyable for kids and can help get them ready for sleep time too. Warm water, dim lighting and soft music and easily bring an over-active child into a state of pure relaxation. This is the best time to talk to your little ones and discuss the on-goings of your day. Use Little Ones Bedtime Wash Lavender from The soothing scent of lavender will help relax your child and get them set for bedtime. Follow bath time up with a relaxing massage with CVS Health Baby Lotion ( for $2.92) and comfort any child who has diaper rash with Walgreens Baby Advanced Healing Ointment from for $6.99 which will ensure they get a solid night sleep.

We hope you were able to find a technique that works for you and your family. For more mommy tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty!