Things We Should Teach Our Sons

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For all those mommy’s out there raising little boys we salute you! They are such a joy and bring so much light, joy and laughter that they will change your life forever. Yep, right from the day they are born. Amazing little men. Don’t think we are excluding our love for little girls but this post is just for boys and all the wonderful lessons we can teach them as they grow up.

As women, we may find ourselves looking at our husbands (on occasion) and wonder, “why do they do that? There is a tissue right there.” Or “I wish they helped more around the house”, or “Please stop calling me, Babes”.  Thoughts race across our minds and we, as women, wonder why didn’t his mother teach him thisWhy doesn’t he understand me better? Good news for you – we have a list of things every mom should teach their little boy so they can grow into amazing, strong, respectful men.

Say Please and Thank You

These little magic words can get you many wondrous things in life. Learning to say please and thank you goes a long way and makes people feel more satisfied helping you than if you just walked away. Being polite can win you BIG over your lifetime. Your elders will adore you and think you were raised up right. Girls will fall in love with the gentleman inside you, and friends will feel better lending you things or giving you stuff. Even if people around you are rude, never bring yourself to their level and forget your magic words.

Clean Up After Yourself

How many women out there would LOVE to have this instilled in our young men? Clean and orderly women will fall at your feet to know that you can operate a vacuum, dust the shelves, wash the dishes, load your OWN laundry, and pick up after yourself. No joke, we often laugh at these things and still have some gender-roles associated with many of these things but do not let that stop you, mothers. Take your son by the hand and involve him in every house cleaning until the day he moves out. No one wants to date a slob or a man who doesn’t have the respect to care for the home in which he lives.

Hygiene Is Key

Please, please, please drill this into their minds. Spraying axe on 3 day old clothes does not make you clean even if you smell that way. Hygiene is an important part of life and affects every person on this planet. There is really nothing that will have a girl running out the door faster than old clothes, smelly breath, ear wax, and a lived-in-body-stench. High school is not where you should learn hygiene. You should be practicing it right from toddler-ism. Stay clean, care for yourself. You don’t want to be that guy. Use some awesome kid products while their young and watch them carry on hygiene into their adolescence:

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Treat ALL Women Right

It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister, cousin, mother, aunt, teacher, friends-sister (who they tease and pick on) or any other female out there. ALL women need to be treated with respect and this starts at home. If children grow up seeing a certain person being disrespected – they too will disrespect them whether they know they’re doing it or not. It may not be intentional but it’ll happen. We all hope a pray that our sons will treat their mothers – and future wives – with love and respect in every situation. Please take the time to teach this lesson to them.

Stand Up for What You Believe In

Don’t be afraid to stand against the crowd, little warrior. There are some wars that need to be fought and if it’s important to you – than it’s important. Respect others opinions but DO NOT stand silent while evil is committed right before your eyes. Speak up, stand up, be the light.

Protect Those Younger Then You

As you get older you’ll start to see that sh*t rolls down-hill. Usually a person will turn to a ‘weaker’ person to be mean to, pick on, or try and bully. Be the voice for those younger than you since they cannot always protect themselves. Little children rely on their loved ones and parents to watch over them but what happens when they aren’t around to protect them? Be someone’s guardian and help keep them safe.

Take Your Aggression and Energy Out in Positive, Safe Ways

This means don’t run up to a kid who said something mean to you and clock em’ into next week. It also doesn’t mean to tackle your siblings and potentially hurt them because you have some burst of crazy energy that’s looking for an outlet. Identify those feelings of intensity and go outside. Kick a ball, punch a pillow, get into wrestling class, sign-up for kick boxing or play your video games.

Importance of Relationships

Understand that all relationships are different, they all require hard work, patience, compromise, and time. Many relationships will develop in our little guys’ lives but it’s up to us – moms, to help them recognize how to nurture ones that are important to us. Explain how a flower grows, how a marriage survives through the decades and how people get through ups and downs. Knowing that we don’t just run away, give up, or replace can make a world of difference in their lives down the road. Speak earnestly to your children and make sure they understand just how lovely life can be if we just look on the brighter side and try a little bit.

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