Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System – Naturally

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This is the time when everyone seems to have a cough, cold, flu, or runny nose. Everywhere we go we hear the stuffy noses, weezes, and coughs. Urgh. How can you possibly go around anywhere this time of year and not catch s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g? Especially with little ones around! Oh my, they seem to be germ magnets! Finding things to touch, then wipe their eyes or put their fingers in their mouth! Within hours they are showing signs of cold or flu even when we feel most prepared for this time of year. How can we increase the chances that our kids won’t get sick even if they happen to touch something carrying these germs? Simple. Strengthen their immune systems – naturally.


This seems so basic but it is essential for healthy little people! Sleep is the time when the body and mind have time to stop being human and just relax. This is when your immune system is at it’s best since it isn’t dealing with their day time shenanigans and can truly fight off any unwanted visitors – like germs. Try a nice kid massage with CVS Health Baby Lotion from to help them fall asleep.

Vitamin C

This may seem really obvious but many people do not understand how essential this vitamin is. Get this vitamin into your kids multiple times per day during the winter months. Have them sip on some orange juice during breakfast, eat a clementine during lunch and have a kid-friendly Vitamin C chew at dinner. You don’t want to slack on this stuff, especially this time of year. Other sources of Vitamin C include kiwis, pineapple, berries, watermelon, cantaloupe, red and yellow peppers (raw), broccoli, kale, rapini, potatoes, sweet potato and many, many more! There are lots of sources for this amazing vitamin and now is the time to strategically place it in every meal your child eats. The work will pay off, we promise.

Staying Warm

This is essential since kids don’t really remember they came in with a hat. A hat? What hat? These little bodies are always moving – keeping warm is not always on their agenda. Be sure to dress your child appropriately for ALL weather conditions and to ask them often if they feel cold or chilled. A warm bath and hot cup of honey with chamomile tea can go a LONG way in preventing colds among kids. Equate Sleep Time Bath is perfect for a soothing experience that will take your child to sleep, effortlessly. Get it at Walmart for $5.47.

Avoid Other Sick Kids

Wherever possible (sometimes not at all) try to avoid sending your kids into the sick zone. Some adults are a little neglectful about their cold and flu symptoms but you won’t be. As soon as you see a sign of someone who is sick, keep your kids at a distance. Obviously this isn’t possible when you send them to daycare, pre-school, or kindergarten but do your best. Perhaps staying home is a better option than sending them into the sick zone. Please remember that is your child if sick, keep them home from school to help stop the spread of germs. HDX Hand Sanitizer Gel may be the best option for you mom, because if you go down – we all go down! Available at Home Depot for $1.98.

Hearty Activities

It’s important to facilitate a child’s resilience to germs by letting them get dirty throughout the year. Playing in the mud, eating a bit of dirt (here and there) won’t kill them but instead will help boost their developing immune systems. Let your child run free in the local forest or stream to explore without bounds – “don’t touch that!”, “Please try not to get dirty”, “Keep your hands clean”, and all the rest should be locked up so your kids can explore the world around them. This is essential immune boosting goodness.


Never forget that foods can be your greatest medicine. Feeding kids processed junk, too much meat, lots of dairy, and other foods that don’t contain vital nutrients (frozen) will all lower the immune system. Feed your children loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts with their meals to provide their bodies with what they need! Leave the snacks and junk at the store, they’ll forgive you – we promise. There are always some interesting debates on vaccinations and the current schedule set by the CDC. It is imperative that you are a well-informed parent on this topic for their best interest.

Hopefully you make it through the winter without too many days off, Momma. For more baby & beauty tips visit The Savvy Beauty.