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As parents we sometimes worry about the life our children will lead when we observe such contrasting lifestyles from what we enjoyed decades ago. It’s easy to spot another’s child that is entitled, spoiled, bratty, bossy, rude, or mean. However; can we identify these traits when it may be our child that is behaving this way? How can you raise a polite, kind, respectful, grateful child in a world full of narcissism and greed? How can a child possibly see the benefit to living gently on this planet when we are constantly told that we deserve to consume, consume, consume all there is? Let’s start by looking at where solid morals and values come from.

A Parents Example

As a child your parents are your sun, moon, and stars. They are your entire world. They teach you everything you need to know from the time that you’re born until school age. They lead you down similar paths of life that they may have experienced at your age (whether they recognize it or not) and hope that you will thrive and grow, even if they make lots of mistakes – which they will. What is important to recognize is that your children are watching everything that you do. Do you thank the barista at the coffee shop for your java? Do you kindly give some change to a homeless person on the street? Do you show compassion for your fellow human beings? Do you forgive one another and admit when you’re at fault? Can you let go of total control and be a friend? Can you show your children the gentler side of life? This is the base and foundation of who your child will grow up to be – simply by watching who you are as a person.


Sometimes there are tough lessons a child needs to learn in their life that you cannot protect them from. Events will happen, experiences will be lived that you will not be there to protect them from. Do your children share their experiences with you? If so, do you take a moment to sit with them and talk about what happened? Why the event may have occurred or a different way of looking at something to lift their spirits and bring a smile back to their faces? These are defining moments in children’s lives and perfect opportunities for parents or caregivers to explain a great moral or value from a negative or hurtful situation. Do you teach your children life lessons at every opportunity? You can teach these priceless lessons to your children every single day.

Making Time for Another

We are all guilty of being so busy that we can’t possibly sit down and talk about stick bugs from school today. We can’t open a board game and play it – uninterrupted – from beginning to end. We live in a fast pace society where busy-ness defines ones’ life and can often leave those little ones dying for some attention. Whether they tell you this or not, when their attention has been replaced with a screen, phone, or another they will act out and then begin to act the same way to others as they are observing from you. Do you give your children the time they need to get love from you? Genuine time is vital for secure, loving kids who grow into secure, loving adults.

Giving More Than Receiving

Are you a selfish person? Do your kids think it’s normal for mommy to take the best parts of their treats because she loves the toppings so much? Does daddy always get for himself and leave the others to get the leftovers? Do you practice the mindful art of donating old, gently used things to the less fortunate? These simple acts can change a person’s perspective on where they feel they fall in the hierarchy of life. A selfish parent will usually raise a selfish child. A child who has practised sharing, donating, giving away, and forgiving another (for breaking a toy) will usually enjoy that feeling much more than receiving anything. When we give or serve others we are creating a ‘good’ feeling that cannot be reciprocated by anything else.

A Simple Thank You

Gratitude is the secret to life, it is the secret to abundance (rather than scarcity) and well-being. Gratitude will change your life and create miracles if you change your outlook from receiving to giving and being thankful.  From thanking even in the ugliest of times to finding the silver lining in every situation – you can truly be grateful for any experience whether it’s good or bad. Gratitude is a universal language that causes endless love ripples throughout humanity. If only we could all sit down for a moment every day and be thankful for something, we could change our entire lives and this planet in no time. These simple acts of kindness and humility can teach your children the difference between being grateful or growing in an entirely different direction.

Caring for Yourself

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